How I made $50 online in one week – Elise

How I made online in one week Elise

If you know anything about transcription then I am sure you have heard of Rev, but if this is all new to you then I’ll tell you a bit about it. I only came across this website called a few weeks ago and I had no idea what transcribing was. I had heard about it but never bothered to research it. Anyway, Rev is an online transcription company that pays freelance transcriptionists to transcribe files for its customers. But you actually need to pass a test (which is easy) to be able to start transcribing for money.

If you’re good with typing and have immaculate grammar and punctuation skills you might actually do well. There’s a short test you take when you sign up, you also have to transcribe a short audio file. I failed twice and I’m not sure why since I passed the first time. Anyway, within a week you will hear back from Rev via email. If you passed the test you’ll go through some training and during that time you’ll get paid, but it will only be a few dollars. If you do well you’ll become a rookie.

I never made it past being a rookie because I made a few rookie mistakes and got sloppy on a few files and ruined my scores. While being a rookie you must complete 45 minutes of transcribing files but the catch is you need to have the perfect score in order to go higher up and become a revver. If you aren’t up to the standards of Rev after completing the 45 minutes they give you an extra 55 minutes to get your score up. That means you will have done 100 minutes of transcribing files. If you are going to do this then I highly suggest that you only pick short files, stay away from files that are 10+ minutes. To be honest I would stick to files that are lower than four minutes. I made the mistake of picking larger ones and ruined my score now my account has been deactivated!

If you don’t have the perfect score you will be deactivated. If this happens before you get paid, which is usually Monday, then there goes your money and all the hard effort you put in. Luckily for me, I made $36 USD which is actually $50 AUD. Score! But when I realised that I only had 5 minutes left of transcribing left to do before my 100 minutes was up, and with such low scores, I waited for the money to go through to my account before doing the last file which led to the deactivation of my account.

I read a lot of reviews saying Rev is a scam but I made some money which was nice. It isn’t something you can make big bucks on unless you’re some brilliant superhuman who can transcribe the worst quality audio files and if you’re a fast typist then that’s a bonus.

If you want a few extra bucks then go ahead and try out Rev. I actually enjoyed doing it.

So if you’re good at typing, you enjoy listening to some interesting interviews and have a few hours to spare in the day then go ahead and give it a try. What have you got to lose?

If you have any stories about Rev please drop a comment below and let me know. I’d be interested to hear about it.

Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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