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Jonathan Harp
Major League Success K I S S Jonathan Harp

Welcome to the Major League Success blog! Today’s blog topic is about not overthinking real estate sales and using the K.I.S.S (Keep It Super Simple) principle. The reason why I want to talk about this topic is that I feel Real Estate Agents, myself included, sometimes we make generating real estate business harder than what it is. We tend to overthink it. We procrastinate when trying to do something because we try to make it perfect first before implementing the strategy and adjusting it as we go.

I was having a conversation with an agent who is newer to the business and is trying to generate business. Being new to the real estate industry they are trying to find various ways to gain traction with clients. After speaking with each other a little while, the conversation led to the agent wanting to do marketing a different way. I told them that being different from everybody else is perfectly fine, everyone needs to differentiate themselves from all the other agents that are in their markets. For new agents and what I was explaining to him is that he needs to generate his business with buyer leads. That can be through SEO, AdWords, or Social Media (see previous blog post on this topic). They kept coming back with that they wanted to be different and did not want to generate business like everyone else.

Now, there are multiple ways for someone to generate real estate business and all ways work when done consistently over time. What I wanted this agent to know, especially since they are new to real estate, is that there is an easier route to generate business in the beginning. The internet has changed the real estate world in terms of access to house lists but also for real estate agents generating buyer leads. It is one of the easiest things to do. You can post a link of homes that are for sale in a given area on your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. You can do Facebook ads, you can do Google ad spend. Depending on your market, if you spent a $1,000 this month, you can generate anywhere from 75–125 leads. Out of that, you’re going to probably have 1 to 3 buyers that will be purchasing a home in the future.

This agent asked me “what makes you different and why does someone want to work with you”? I said the one thing with working with buyers is that it is a long process. Over the length of that home buying process, the lead gets to learn more about me and I get to learn more about them. There becomes a trust factor between myself and the lead. They get to see how I operate and how I present myself and who I am. Over this process, my sole goal is to become friends with my clients. It is super important that I have this mindset for generating businesses, because if I become friends with a client, they are more likely than not, to send me the referrals of their friends and their family. This is how you can grow your sphere of influence and repeat client business. One client this year may generate me three, four, five transactions over the next three to five years. Maybe my clients refer me to their friends and family sooner. That referral or repeat client could be 10 years from now and it could simply be that I never get anything else from that client again, and that is ok too. With past client and referral business, there is no way to predict when the next referral is coming but what I wanted to get across to this agent is by working buyer internet leads, it is a good way to build a foundation for your business.

The agent I was speaking with counter-argued that he wanted more sellers leads. I said every single real estate agent wants more seller leads. WE ALL DO! Everyone wants more sellers because they can leverage that property to generate more business. Which means, generating more buyer leads and more seller leads. What I want to get across to this real estate agent is that generating seller leads is not predictable and cost a lot of money to do.

The kicker with generating and working buyer leads are that they can be sellers as well! Sometimes it is the whole “what came first, the chicken or the egg” question. In real estate, is someone thinking about buying a home before they think about selling OR is it people think about selling first before they think about buying? My bet is we are creatures of doing things that are comfortable to us, so sellers want to see what is available on the market first, before deciding that selling is an option. So, they are likely going to start looking at houses before they interview agents to sell their home.

Situations like above, allow agents to scale their business fast. We had an agent join our team in July 2018 from another brokerage where he did ZERO transactions. The old brokerage did not provide him with tools, systems, leads, etc. He joined our team and from July to December, he sold 10 houses and 6 of those sales were clients who joined our website as buyer leads but had houses to sell. We were able to take him from 0 to 10 transactions in 6 months! You want to talk about changing your career and life!

We all overthink real estate sales sometimes. Real estate sales are simple, not easy. I do not want you to think that it is an easy business but IF you know the principles of real estate sales, and keep it simple, you will be successful. There is a quote that I have taped on my laptop from Napoleon Hill that reads “Methods are many; Principles are few; Methods may vary but Principles never do.”

There are so many ways (methods) to generate real estate business for buyers and sellers but at the end of the day, selling real estate is a “contact sport” (principle). The more attempts (leads) you have to contact someone about real estate will translate to more opportunities (calls, text, emails, etc) you have to speak to someone about real estate will translate to more face to face appointments, which leads to more buyer and seller clients, which leads to closings.

I want you Keep It, Super Simple, stay focused on generating business and you will start gaining traction in your business!

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