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The term silver bullet is a simple solution to very complex problem. The problem of living a great life, is the most complex problem of all. Does it have a silver bullet? Sort of.

There Are No Silver Bullets

You probably heard this expression before. It means that there are not easy solutions to your problem. What you really need to accomplish something is hard work and persistence.

After listening to many teachers talk about this point, from many different angles I had a very interesting insight. Hidden in this statement is the true silver bullet… I will explain this from multiple points of view. Stick with it, this will make a lot of sense at the end.

Two Crappy Pages a Day

There is a powerful podcast, where Tim Ferriss talks about his plans to commit suicide and how he recovered from that. In it, Tim mentions the best advice he has ever got: Two crappy pages a day. This is also the best advice I’ve gotten.

The main obstacle to success is not lack of massive accomplishments in any given day. The main obstacle is lack of consistency over the long term.

At one point in my life, I looked at all the goals I had for myself. One week goals, one months goals, six month goals and so on. I had accomplished very few of those despite great effort. I felt great frustration at not accomplishing my expectations. The problem was in fact too many expectations. I needed everything to happen this month.

I had to always force myself to work. Everyday was filled with frustration. I needed strong motivation to get started. Once I really understood this advice from Tim, all of that went away. It was a silver bullet.

I will explain how to implement this in detail below and in future videos.

Why is this advice given to Tim so powerful?

Your brain functions on reward systems. You do things in expectation of reward. If what you want and expect does not materialize, you feel pain and demotivation. You cannot persist on particular path if you are not seeing any form of reward. That’s why we feel lack of motivation and that’s at the heart of procrastination.

However, the rewards you get depend on your model of the world. If you understand the power of compound interest in your life, you will understand that small wins everyday are more powerful that a few motivational sprints here and there. So you will be rewarded by doing small steps everyday and that will motivate you to do more. You will feel like you are riding a silver bullet, feeling accomplished everyday because you moved forward.

If you lower the barrier to success on a daily basis, you will put in the work no matter what. However, this rule is not about laziness. This rule is for people who want to be extremely productive. You do the work everyday, no matter what. If your brain knows it will not get a reward unless it accomplishes something too difficult, it will not show up every morning no matter what.

You build success on success as Tony Robbins would say.

This was today’s lesson in the 5 Minute Mentor course from Tai Lopez. This Lesson I am sharing with you today is everywhere, in so many different forms.

For example, in one of my favorite books, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks leaving the work to your Must. You just have to sit down and start typing and leave the rest to the Must (or subconscious). In some sense, you do not have to worry if it’s good or bad, you already did your job.

Even ancient religious books, like the bhagavad gita, tell you to offer your work without worrying about the fruits of your labour

Even the meme generated from Jordan peterson: Clean your room. Is actually about this silver bullet. If you start small, chipping away at what is wrong with your life, the power of compound interest will bring you so much success over the long term.

Start cleaning your room, write two crappy pages a day, offer your labor without worrying about the fruits, get a tattoo that says I am the most consistent and let your Muse do the rest!

I wish you great success.

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