Breakfast links: A driver hit and killed two people sitting in a downtown DC park
Breakfast links A driver hit and killed two people sitting

Two people were fatally hit by a driver while sitting on a bench

Two people sitting on a bench in James Monroe Park in DC, were killed late Wednesday night when a driver went off the road and struck them with their vehicle, according to US Park Police.   (Sophia Barnes / NBC Washington)

The DC Council introduces a bill to manage DC’s waterways

The increase in people using the Acansotia and Potomac rivers has made regulation more necessary. The District Waterways Management Act of 2019 is a new bill that if passed, would create a waterways management commission and authority.   (Jacob Fenston / WAMU)

A sinkhole swallows part of Baltimore’s light rail station

An elevated platform at a Light Rail station in Baltimore fell into a sinkhole on Wednesday at the intersection of Howard and Pratt streets. The problems started when a water main broke beneath Howard Street on Monday.  (Baltimore Sun. Tip: Chester B.)

Extreme rainfall may become more frequent in the region

Thanks to climate change, storms like the one that wreaked havoc on the region on Monday could become more common by mid-century. The five-hour rainstorm overwhelmed stormwater systems showing the region’s unpreparedness for such events.  (Linda Poon / City Lab)

A “segregation wall” was partly destroyed by Monday’s rainstorm

Floodwater from Monday’s torrential downpour damaged part of a “segregation wall” in Arlington. The wall was built in the 1930s to separate white homeowners in High View Park from black neighborhoods to the south.   (WTOP)

Arlington County may relax food truck rules

Officials in Arlington County are considering relaxing food truck regulations after a study revealed several locations could be designed for street vending if sidewalk conditions were suitable. The county board will request a hearing on the changes on Saturday, July 13.   (Airey / ARLnow)

The lead architect for the Afro American Smithsonian dies at 66

Phil Freelon, known for his architectural work showcasing the black experience and for making the architecture industry more progressive and inclusive, passed away July 9 at age 66.   (Kriston Capps / City Lab)

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