5 Tips for Capturing Purr-fect Pictures of Your Cat | RISMedia, RISMedia

5 Tips for Capturing Purr-fect Pictures of Your Cat | RISMedia, RISMedia
Tips for Capturing Purr fect Pictures of Your Cat

Friday, July 12, 2019

(Family Features)–Cats are naturally curious, and while that can make them entertaining and engaging pets, it doesn’t always lead to the best photos. While getting a perfect pet pic is hard enough, a frisky, playful or defiant cat can make a photo op nearly impossible.

These tips, captured by the pet experts at the TEMPTATIONS™ brand during recent CatCon in Pasadena, Calif., can help you capture the best photos of your furry feline friends.

Forget the Flash. Classic portrait photography rules also apply to feline photography, especially when it comes to lighting. Beware of your camera’s flash, as it could distract or frighten your cat. Plus, it might lead to red eyes in photos. Disabling your camera’s shutter sound, if possible, can also help minimize distracting noises during your photo shoots.

Capture Your Cat’s Attention. Getting your cat to look where you want him or her to may be easier than you think. A simple shake of a bag of treats can get your cat to turn his or her head to the irresistible treats, allowing you to capture a photo with an attentive cat. This trick also works if you need to coax your kitty out of a hiding spot. Just one shake should have your cat come running.

Play on Your Cat’s Personality. Instead of a stiff, staged photo, capture your cat’s personality by setting up a playtime photo shoot. Your pet will have fun while you take candid pictures that show his or her unique, playful personality. It helps to know your cat’s tendencies well when planning a photo shoot. Some cats have more energy to play earlier in the day, while others might behave better after expelling some energy with more rigorous playtime.

Discover Different Angles. Try taking pictures at your cat’s eye level. Whether he or she is crouching and preparing for the pounce or curiously swatting at a toy, capturing his or her face and eyes can help create captivating photos and memories of lovable kitty expressions. Plus, taking photos from a distance may cause your cat to lose focus and interest.

Find a Friend. A simple but often overlooked tip is to enlist a friend. Having an assistant photographer during your shoot can allow one of you to use props, shake a bag of treats, change scenery and direct your cat while the other focuses on snapping the best shots.

Source: TEMPTATIONS Cat Treats Family Features Editorial Syndicate

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