5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard Into a Romantic Summer Getaway | RISMedia, RISMedia

5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard Into a Romantic Summer Getaway | RISMedia, RISMedia
Ways to Turn Your Backyard Into a Romantic Summer

Friday, July 12, 2019

Hoping to add some romance to your summer season but don’t quite have the bank roll? Pool fence manufacturer LOOP-LOC offers the following insights for creating a romantic staycation at home. 

Pool owners, spend time in the pool. Nothing is more romantic than a late night dip in the pool. If you’re a pool owner, take a midnight splash with your significant other in the pool this summer.

Bring on the florals. Flowers are a classic romantic gesture, and classics are classics for a reason. Give your yard a taste of classic romance with well-placed colorful florals. Whether you plant an entire garden or strategically place a few flower pots around an ideal area, the tone will be set just right and romance will be in the air.

Design the patio you desire. Summer romance is all about desire and passion. Take that a step further and use those feelings as a guide to choosing patio furniture. Find pieces that tie into your home decor patterns as well as maximize outdoor comfort.

Set up an outdoor dining area. One of the best ways to spend time with a significant other is over the dinner table. Put a spin on your usual dinner plans and set up an intimate dining area in your backyard. You’ll be set up for dinner-date success with the right decor and furniture.

Place a private feature in your yard. There is nothing more romantic than a place that is made for you and your significant other. Create that space with a focal point in a secluded area of your yard. Whether that focal point is a water feature, statue, or simply an exclusive seating area, you and your special someone will have space to escape to when you crave a moment alone.

Source: LOOP-LOC


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