5 Ways You Can Save Money Without Even Realizing It

Taija Ryan
Ways You Can Save Money Without Even Realizing It

When it comes to saving money, it can often feel like a drag. You know it’s good for you and that you should be doing it…But often times it just feels like something you ought to do someday …one day… maybe never. So here are 5 ways you can save money without you consciously knowing you are doing it. I promise you won’t even feel it!

Now, this might seem like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times my spinach, my bean sprouts have betrayed me and gone rotten before I’ve had a chance to gobble them all up. Then there I go to buy the same items that just went bad to start the cycle all over again.

I’ve found googling ways to keep items staying fresh longer has helped me immensely. Being creative with meals to help me use up all my tricky produce quicker before they have had a chance to wither.

How does it save money?: not having to buy more food because you let older produce go to waste. $$

Yes, all those cans and tins in your cupboards that are just sitting there looking at you, eat them! Get creative and find some recipes that include what you already have before going out and buying more items that might go bad in your fridge anyway before you can get to them.

How does it save money?: Buying groceries less frequently because you are using up everything you have first before buying more stuff. $$$

Pick one day to do all the things you need to do, so you can save on gas, transit, Uber, or however you choose to get around. It’s cheaper to do one trip with several stops than to do multiple round trips from home to the store and back. It also saves you time to batch your errands together so it’s a win-win

How does it save money?: One trip=less gas, fewer transit costs, less ride sharing costs. $$$

Again, this might be a no-brainer, but do you know exactly how much it costs to use your electricity at night vs in the day. Go on google it and see the difference for yourself. It’s A LOT! trust me A lot more than you think. If you’re still not convinced do a little calculation of doing your laundry at ohhh let’s say 3 pm vs 8:30 pm..Go ahead I’ll wait…Ya, I thought so!

With consistency, you can save a load on your hydro bill. while you’re at it, turn off the lights in that room your not using while you watch Netflix on the couch. It helps the environment too. I see another win-win.

How does it save money?: less money spent on electricity bills, longer times between washes and drying items. $$$$

Like that skirt, shoe, video game, book. Go online and see if you can get it cheaper. Go to the website where it is sold and let’s see if you sign up for the e-mail opt-in if there is 10% or 20% or whatever incentive they are giving off. A lot of the time the same item you just saw in the store is online with a discount. We are not even looking at used items yet. Which is also a good idea by the way!

Can’t find it for cheaper no problem! see if you can get gash back either through your credit card or through a website such as Ebates. If you’re going to spend the money make it worth your while.

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