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Please tell me you are as sick of the word “HUSTLE” as I am?

What is this continuous hustle? why is it a hustle? Surely there is a better way!

Of course there is!! …

We can hack our brains.. yeah thats it.. what we all need is another amazing morning routine to add to our already exorbitant list of “things” I should be doing in the morning to be “Successful” and get in the “HUSTLE”

I get it!

I truly believe I do get it.

As an “entrepreneur” (another word thrown in there ;p ) I get what it means to hustle… to feel as though I am on a treadmill, when in reality…

I AM ON A Motha F*@$ing TREADMILL!!

Guys and Girls… listen close!

There are companies out there with doctors and scientist on their pay role who’s job it is to distract you as much as possible… to sell you this and that…(maybe.. just maybe I am one of those trying to sell you something right now)…

But in all honesty what chance do we all have?

Well I believe A LOT! and for once its not some complicated hack it’s the most simple thing every. I am talking watch, pen and paper simple.

You see, recently I started a case study in my own business (p.s not selling you something here ;p ) but what I showed those lucky enough to come onboard, was the most basic tool EVER!

And… here it is!

The question really falls on your shoulders… do you even bother actually using the things you learn?!

Anyway… get yourself a pen and paper or notes on your phone, set your watch to 1 hour or 30mins on a repeat alarm. When the alarm goes off record what you have been doing in that time.

Not only will you see whats happening in your day but you will automatically become more aware of what you are doing!

It’s 2 birds with one stone… because thats the kind of guy I am… I don’t want to “Hustle” and I don’t believe you have to either.

To hustle is to be on the treadmill, to not have the laser focus that an overarching dream gives you.

SO…. don’t be a HUSTLER… work on your dream with focus… and work on it for less time, so you can enjoy more time in unbound play. Isn’t that the reason you got into business anyway?

If you like, please give me a virtual high five… as of course every high five is directly related to my self worth so it helps a lot! ;p

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