Self-Care Is More Important for Your Happiness – Tiffany Sun

Tiffany Sun
Self Care Is More Important for Your Happiness Tiffany Sun

My friend asked me if I wanted to get a manicure with her, but I hesitated. The manicure was $40 for a one-time session, a temporary extravagance I didn’t think was worth it compared to the other other things I had wanted to buy — new clothes, kitchen gadgets, magazines — things I didn’t necessarily need, but would last longer.

I’ve neglected self-care for most of my life, because I didn’t see the importance of it. Getting a manicure, a massage or my eyebrows done had felt like indulgences of little value.

It wasn’t until I started traveling when my values started to change and I began to see things differently. Instead of purchasing things of a more materialistic nature, since I lacked the luggage space anyways, I began to invest in experiences, self-learning and most importantly, self-care.

Instead of a new bag, I booked a flight to Thailand.
Instead of a digital meat thermometer, I paid for a subscription to Audible.
Instead of magazines, I got a massage.

Through these experiences, it’s made me realize that:

When you invest in self-care, it goes beyond just what you pay for; it breeds confidence in the way you feel and the way you look, allowing you to feel good about yourself. It’s an investment towards a better mental health and that alone is more than what you can ever get from materialistic purchases alone.

Since investing in self-care, I’ve found myself happier on more occasions and it, as a result has allowed me to write better and expand my career.

If investing in yourself and giving your body and mind the attention and care it deserves, makes you feel better about yourself as a result, why wouldn’t it be worth it?

It almost seems counter-intuitive, but I’ve realized that in the long run, the product and services you pay for towards your well-being are often longer-lasting and more impactful than the materialistic things you can buy.

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