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What do really rich people with all their money


Listening to Thandiswa Mazwai — Lahl’umlenze

What do really rich people do with all their money? Surely they don’t always spend all that money on cars and clothes and boats and gadgets, right? Not that there is anything wrong with buying all that stuff. I was at a mall the other morning where some cars were being advertised, one of them was a Lexus F-coupe’ (I think) — if I had a lot of money right now, that’s the car I would buy — a Lexus F-coupe’. Anyway, the point I’m meaning to get to is that buying all that stuff is damn fun, I’m sure, but it must get boring. You know that excited feeling you get after you get that special item you’ve been saving up ages for? You ever notice how it becomes just another object after a while? You get bored of it and move onto the next best thing. So how do rich people use their money to keep happy?

Here’s a thought — maybe they give all the money away? Why do I say that? Have you given a gift to someone or given someone something that they really needed (or didn’t)? Have you noticed how good you feel when you do that? What’s more, that good feeling is a lasting feeling, it’s a feeling you never get tired of. As people, I think we don’t remind one another often enough that love is the greatest energy in the universe. When you give love, it doesn’t matter whether you get it back or not, it feels amazing. When you do good, you feel good. My boss said something to the team last night over dinner. Basically, he told us that we could have anything we want in the world but he then said something I’ve never heard before — “To be successful, you need a lot of luck”, we all gave him dumbstruck stares, he explained; “to get this luck you must have good intentions and do a lot of good, when you do good people wish you well — that’s your luck”. I think that message really hit home.

So this morning my mom tells me that she’s really considering share-trading because she really does not see herself working for ‘the man’ in the next year — neither do I, I probably want that for my mom more than she wants it for herself! So I tell her that she should definitely look into passive income opportunities. After that, I tell her that I really want to be involved in community support projects. There’s a real need out there. I have this exciting thought; expecting a large sum of money that I’ve been waiting for so that I could shoot it straight into a meaningful project to help someone else who really needs the help.

So, Neo, what would you do if you had a lot of money? I’d probably give it all away.

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