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Carole Kenyon
My New Ad Venture Carole Kenyon

Facebook Ads, Funnels and Follow Ups

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After I quit corporate in my mid fifties, I tried to break into the web design market to help small local businesses. But I found they weren’t really interested in that — it was a bit new to them — so I morphed into an advertiser, the trad ad kind. Ok, I admit I had a local directory behind it, and a lot of their leads did go to see them from there, but they didn’t know that, didn’t want to know. So if it’s working, they can believe what they like — the leads are happening, so they were happy to continue.

Things were great for a while, but when we hit the global financial crisis people just didn’t have the dosh for ads or websites.

We were about retirement age and we downsized (well, more down-priced) to give ourselves a bit of wriggle room.

We were initially doing renovations, and by the time these were finished, advertising was going completely digital — well the sort that worked was. So I decided to concentrate on knocking our new home into shape and retire.

Then one day I happened upon ClickFunnels. And I realised I needed to get back into the hustle and talk to people. Have a bit of fun, help people serve their logical markets and put some dosh in our bank account.

Wasn’t exactly sure how to make it work — I personally had nothing to sell except my ability to advertise. But by then I had the bit between my teeth, and I nothing was going to stop me. I did a Facebook ads course which gave me access to a mastermind Facebook group.

I noticed from the group that an issue my fellow students were coming up against was follow up. Their clients would get leads OK, and then — wait. The chiropractor is busy fixing backs, the personal trainer is training, the dentist is pulling teeth. That is their expertise, what they’ve gone through years of training to do. They don’t want to be on the phone trying to get an upsell, even if they knew how to do it. Some would be fine, but in many cases they wouldn’t continue advertising because their leads weren’t converting into paying customers.

So I decided to niche on real estate, because they are taught the art of follow up. We’d always been interested in that anyway, and my best trad ad customers were real estate agents. We’d both done a sub agents course, we had owned investment properties. And our favourite pastime while on holidays was looking in real estate agent windows to see how the property market was in that corner of the world. Even bought a holiday apartment on one holiday.

Our training suggested we do a seven or ten day trial, then agree on a retention fee. But I find that is not what everyone wants. They’re all different.

Some — those with big teams mostly — are happy to do that. Others get overwhelmed by the number of leads generated and need to call a halt.

Some are good at follow ups, others still struggle.

Some build lists from their leads, some don’t. And those who do build lists don’t necessarily know what to do with them. I’ve talked to many an agent who shows me how many leads he’s got, and he knows which one goes to which open house. But between open houses they just don’t connect.

I’ve put together a total process for real estate agents to step them through each stage. From generating the lead, collecting the information, following up with each lead, populating their database and an email nurturing system. Every agency will have different requirements, different places where they excel, and different places where they fall down. So the components can be accessed separately or as a whole.

Instead of just going in on the ten day Facebook ads only trial and straight to retention, I am now offering a ten day Facebook ads and Funnels trial, where I use a marketing funnel to collect leads, and not only those who want to buy and sell right now. We populate their database as well. And if they don’t have an email sequence in place, I have a 180 day sequence and can even share the automation with them if they use Active Campaign. So as soon as a lead is added, they automatically go straight onto the sequence. And I have a follow up script process with a video that explains why we say which part in the script. Because you find there is a proven reason for doing certain things, but if you don’t explain that first up, you find they will change things without realising why they’re important. If required I can brand the marketing funnel to their agency, and at the end of the trial, if they sign up for ClickFunnels, I even share the funnel with them. I’m open to a campaign by campaign approach. But if they want to try doing the ads themselves and running them to the marketing funnel that’s fine. If they want my help in the future, I’ll be happy to step in.

I’ll wait and see what the market requires, but future products I’m considering are a course they can take at their own pace, or working closely coaching the team to get the full process in working order.

So watch out world, I’m back!

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