Gloomy Story to Bright Oklahoma Home

We’re in Tulsa, OK for this week’s Turnkey Transformation, where we have a 37-year-old home that gets quite the makeover! The Tulsa market is one of the newest additions to the Memphis Invest family. The city sits at the foothills of the Ozark mountains and is the second largest in the state—just behind Oklahoma City (one of our other great investment markets). Tulsa, a historical leader in the energy industry, continues to grow and diversify as a market that is both affordable and economically well-tempered. This made it an ideal market for this investor to choose as their portfolio expansion opportunity.

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The photos really do this property justice. As you can see from the few shots that we have here, the conditions were dramatically improved. Much of the interior and exterior had remnants of debris and furniture left behind from the previous tenants and was in need of repair. On the interior, we touched almost everything from ceiling to floor, repairing ceilings, carpet, fixtures and more. Appliances and electronics were replaced such as the dishwasher, garage motor and vent-a-hood. With a budget of $60,000 and 77 days of rehab, our renovations team was able to renew this gloomy 2-story, into a great option for a single-family home in the Wolf Creek Estates neighborhood. 

About this Transformation:

The owner of this Turnkey Transformation is from California and has closed on three other properties with Memphis Invest so far. Here is some additional info. about the home:

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