Increasing Brand Activity on Instagram | RISMedia, RISMedia

Increasing Brand Activity on Instagram | RISMedia, RISMedia
Increasing Brand Activity on Instagram RISMedia RISMedia

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

If you run a small business or a personal brand, you know social media interaction and engagement is critical to establishing an online presence. If Instagram has you feeling a bit lost, don’t worry. Digital marketing company fishbat shares the following insights on increasing brand activity on the platform.

Post Consistently: Posting content on your Instagram as regularly as possible can establish a much more engaged audience. Studies show that 1-2 posts a day can prove to be what is considered “consistent” or “regular.” As much as it is important to post new, unique, and exciting content daily, it is also important to remember not to over-do it. Nothing can frustrate an audience more than seeing a brand pop up on their feed more than desired, especially when they aren’t interested. When looking to increase brand engagement on Instagram, it’s important to learn posting balance, as well as what type of content your audience is reacting to the most.

Meaningful Material: Improving your brand engagement can be achieved in a few simple ways, including the images you are displaying to your audience. Many Instagram users search for something more than an appealing aesthetic, looking for an informative and engaging post. 

Choose Related Hashtags: Hashtags have been a huge contributing factor to success for brand posts and individuals, alike. However, it is important to use popular and relevant hashtags for your brand and services. Anything too niche or obscure won’t be picked up by those unfamiliar with your brand, and those unrelated hashtags will only disappoint Instagram users. Knowing what your brand is conveying, and capitalizing on that through the use of hashtags can bring a new audience to your content, as well as keep your current followers interested.

Advertise on Different Platforms: Brands can utilize the vast amount of social media platforms present today to their advantage. Many individuals utilizing digital marketing can attribute much of their success to liaising between different social platforms and sectors, consequently promoting one another. For example, Carola Jain has spent her two-decade marketing career shifting brands between various sectors, thus gaining more publicity and engagement. If you already have a large following on a specific platform such as Facebook, you can expect to see even more success by moving your followers to another sector like Instagram.

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