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Medium Success Tonja Vallin

It’s easier than you think

I quickly started having success on Medium shortly after I signed up and so I naturally told my writer friends about the platform. Several seemed excited about the opportunity but only about 25% of them actually signed up which surprised me.

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So of the few that did sign up, the ones that had success had a few things in common. I truly want you to give this platform an opportunity to work so here goes.

Write about subjects you are passionate about and have some broad appeal. Maybe it’s finance, relationships, writing or how to start a business. People wake up at night and have real world problems, they sometimes turn to Medium to help them with those problems so think about what you know and how you could help them. You may be really excited about your weekend hiking excursion but if that’s what you are writing about, you aren’t going to get much traction because it’s not solving a problem.

In the beginning stages of Medium, you should be reading much more than you are writing. I like to recommend a 5:1 ration. Read five articles, write one. When you like something clap, highlight or comment or all three! I like to follow a lot of people so I’m always getting exposed to new authors and subjects. Make an impact with people when you really like their article.

If someone gives you 30 or 50 claps consider taking the time to go to their page and either read an article or leave a comment.

You don’t have to clap if you don’t want to but I am often impressed with the level of undiscovered talent I find on someone’s article that may have 3 claps and 22 followers. Hey, we all started there!

Think about your bio, do you have a niche or a funny line that shows your personality.

When people are deciding to follow you or not they are giving you about 5 seconds of their time.

It’s important you don’t leave your bio blank or worse, write 3 paragraphs. Try something out for a few weeks and if that doesn’t feel right, change it. You’ll eventually stumble onto what works.

Your title is so important. I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts but it bears repeating. Study other titles on Medium and jot down the ones you are drawn to. What specifically is it about them that makes you want to read them. When I first started I thought I would be clever and cute and wrote titles like How to Win an Argument with Your Spouse. It was tongue in cheek and seriously about how to improve your relationship. When I rewrote and retitled the article it was curated and became one of my most successful posts.

Not every article is going to be a home run. I have articles that make me $3.67 and that’s it. It’s okay, you are not going to hit a homerun every time. The key is to always write about what is interesting to you or helpful to others and that way no article is ever wasted.

One article I recently wrote that hasn’t done all that well is When You’re Lonely… this. The upshot, I have received some amazing and wonderful feedback on that piece and doing the research actually helped lift me out of a very sad place.

So there you have it, just a few more tips to put you on the road to making money while writing content. I’d love your feedback. Are there any areas you are struggling with or have questions about regarding Medium? Let me know in the comments suggestion. To your success!

Tonja is the author of Cancer Free Emily and Miracle at Paradise Bridge. She routinely writes for Medium.

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