Breakfast links: New businesses cluster around accessible transit
Breakfast links New businesses cluster around accessible transit

Startups value transit over suburban locals

Startups are increasingly choosing cities with accessible transit over more traditional suburban hubs such as Silicon Valley, a new study shows. It’s not just tech companies though: New businesses of all kind cluster around transit.  (Richard Florida / CityLab)

A Facebook study finds a link between transit and friendships

Researchers have found that you’re more likely to be friends with people on the same transit line as you, in NYC anyway.  (Henry Grabar / Slate)

Tysons’ “The Mile” park and mixed-used project is moving ahead

Fairfax County supervisors approved the redevelopment of large portions of east Tysons for a project called “The Mile.” It will include a large park and mixed-use development, and will replace parking lots and office buildings.  (Brian Trompeter / InsideNOVA)

Manassas gets approval to expand a local railway line

The Virginia Railway Express has approved a line expansion into Manassas. The new station will service the Manassas local airport and include a new rail yard and parking.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

A potential Amazon fulfillment center moves forward in Maryland

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission has approved certain aspects of a new building in Prince George’s County, which is believed to be an Amazon fulfillment center.  (Jennifer Ortiz / WTOP)

14 Baltimore light rail stops will close for repairs

Almost half of Baltimore light rail system will be closed for repairs this summer. Fourteen out of the system’s 33 stops are affected, and only three stops will serve riders this summer.  (Ethan McLeod / Baltimore Fishbowl. Tip: Chester B.)

This past school year 5,500 DC students experienced homelessness

In DC public schools 5,500 students were considered homeless during the 2018-2019 school year. The District paid for 20 of those students to attend summer clases at American University.   (Perry Stein / Post)

Prince George’s school board is being sued over fees

A lawsuit over summer school fees has hit an obstacle, as the Prince George’s County school board has requested that the ACLU direct their lawsuit to the state board, not the local one.  (Dominique Maria Bonessi / WAMU)

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