The Journey Into the Chasm! – Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton
The joys of making more money Josh Hamilton

How to increase your Value, so you can earn more, and create more impact!

To increase your Business, Health, Relationships and
Life, you must find your value.

Notice I said Find…Not create!

Around a year ago, I discovered something crazy. After doing a lot of work on myself and personal development, I realised that 16 years ago I did something that would affect my whole future.

You see,

I, like many others at the time, went to University looking to gain that amazing piece of paper that was going to change the rest of my life.

For me it was more than that, It was an opportunity for me to start again.

I was going to a uni where I knew


What a game changer this was going to be. I decided, instead of Going to Uni and being Josh..

Why not become the guy I thought I wanted to be.

You know…The guy with the gorgeous girlfriend, the fit body,

The “stud’ who could do it all!

So I reinvented myself…

On the basis of what I Thought was the guy that could do it all.

I was to become..The Cockstar!

1st thing on the list was to find the girl of your “dreams”.

Using the NEW me, I got to work. I behaved like a confident..arrogant… IDIOT!

And it worked… just like I had seen it work with all the guys I had wanted to be like.

I suddenly found myself with the most gorgeous girl in the whole town.

Here, I was going to learn one of the greatest lessons of my life.. but not before dealing with some of the hardest times I had ever been through (at the time 🙁).

I had become everything I wanted to be. I was admired by the other men, because I was the guy with the hottest chick.

I wasn’t known as Josh, just that guy.

And that…was what I wanted!…or so i thought!

You maybe thinking by now… how does this even relate to building a successful business and creating more income?…. But bare with me!

10 months later, I slipped back into the soft touch (push over in many aspects) that I had been previous to the Uni days.

My girlfriend was starting to realise who I really was……she decided to leave me…It wasn’t her fault at all….I wasn’t even close to the guy that I had portrayed. She thought she had found a strong, confident man.

I was NOT that guy!

I spent the next 4 years of my Uni life heart broken & devastated!

I would find myself being carried home, drunk and sobbing, by my best friend.

Every other lovely girl I met had to deal with my baggage. I didn’t feel enough and because I no longer received the kudos and reputation I had before, I pushed this on them so they didn’t feel enough either.

You see…there is a saying…….Nice Guys Finish last!

But that is not true,…..Push Overs finish last! That was me.

The real problem was that I had no value for myself. This began showing up in so many areas of my life.

Money disappeared…I didn’t look after my body the way I should have.

Other people…Beautiful people, suffered because I was looking to feel valued from the outside.

I took it all the way to the extreme and hid behind a life of endurance sport.

I threw myself into Solo races… where my mind had no chance to drift from the all encompassing pain of training and racing.

I trained for a whole year to finish one of NZ’s biggest races..

The coast to coast.

2 full days of heavy action…across the country.

I remember finishing day one and not being able to walk.

I had one more day to go, but I knew if I finished…

I knew if I crossed that finish line, I would find the value I had missed so much!

I knew crossing that line would fill my cup and make me whole again after losing myself in the darkness.

I paddled and peddled for what seemed like an eternity!

Then…. the finish line came into sight…I put everything I had left in finishing strong in front of a big crowd.

I clambered over the line…exhausted beyond exhausted..ready to feel that feeling of Euphoria….


It didn’t come…I thought, maybe its because I am in so much pain and so tired. Maybe it will be here tomorrow?


It never came..

I waited days and weeks..but the value I felt when I was with my girlfriend
never returned.

No matter what I did!

You see I only repeated the mistake I had done already…

I looked for value outside of myself!!!

As I write this, I can feel in the pit of my stomach all the pain I went through.

It brings tears back to my eyes.

But..I am so thankful for that gorgeous girl.

For that …what I call now “beautiful” experience, it was still years until I discovered what I know now.

And that hole in my heart stayed there,

the whole time.

It wasn’t until I found my mentor Paul Chek and started on the path to helping others, that I realised I was healing myself.

I had studied education and became an amazing teacher (small brag) … I was
fantastic at understanding the mind, how it worked and how to get the best out of people, be that athletes or academic students..

I never stopped learning about the mind and body..
and this gave me the edge to take people to the next level… to push through barriers, to achieve what was once thought Impossible.

Things like, growing a successful business, developing high performing teams, creating an unstoppable mindset.

You see,…..

Value is one of the most important things in any relationship, business or individuals life.

It’s the place where everything comes from. If we can find it in ourselves, it creates an AUORA that impacts how other people interact with us and work for or with us.

It is one of the most essential things you must FIND in order to deliver a better product or service.

It allows you to not just charge more but to have MORE IMPACT!

And essentially the people I work with, are those looking to solve a problem in this world and create MASSIVE IMPACT!

If you are passionate about increasing your income while enjoying more time, better health and greater success. I highly recommend working on your own value and the greatest way to do that is when you feel and hear that call to adventure in your hero’s journey… Find that Mentor who can take you to your limits and bring you back with the gifts! (like me 😀😀).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story… it was a tough one to share.

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