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Roberto Canducci
Are You Waiting For The Salary Use It For Thi

I´ve had a lot of jobs in my life. These were different. From the assistant in wood production, through the work in a shop and merchandiser or chauffer.

Every employment — and if you are employed then you will agree with me — has one bright moment. The day, when your salary is credited your account.

I know, sometimes it is a small sum of money, sometimes it´s appropriately but surely it´s never enough. Anyway it´s a bright moment because you are getting the money for your work. The day when your salary should be credited is full of expectations. The employees are calling each other: ´´Have you already got it? When it shoulde be credited? When is the amount credited in that bank or in this bank? How much did you get? ´´ This is happening almost in every company.

I remember as I was waiting for my salary. I was very impatient every single time and as everybody does I was always calculating how would I spend the money. Actually it was spent before I got it — at least in my mind.

Do you know the saying like: ´´I was waiting so impatiently as I´m waiting for getting salary?´´ It was the same in my case. I was looking forward to it one week before and when it was one day before getting salary I went to bed earlier to occur earlier that beautiful day of getting salary. And when it happens the salary day was Sunday, I even wasn´t looking forward to the weekend. Mostly the waiting was worthy and I got my salary everytime.

But the problem was that as soon as I got the salary and no matter if the salary was high or smallI had to wait again for the next month to get another one again.

I have been thinking about that period today and then suddenly came to my mind an interesting idea. Why could I not be waiting for the salary every single day? Why could I not be always in that same expectation as I was by waiting the salary?

I realized that a lot of people wants to have different things but they are even not expecting them.Most of the people is waiting for the salary — and they also mostly get it — but if it´s regarded for example to another exclusive income, they tell themselves ´´yes it would be fine if I get an income from some other source´´ and they remained with that. They don´t expect it at all. They simply persuade themselves that it´s not the reality therefore is their expectation too small or even none. Then they are surprised when nothing special happened and they didn´t get any exclusive income.

The same issue is health. If you are ill, just ask yourself ´´how am I expecting the health?´´. It can be compared to the relationships. If you are looking for the love of your life, how much do you expect it? Are you expecting it in the same way as your salary every month?

Can you feel the butterflies in your stomach, that it´s coming closer and closer?

I believe if you don´t wait for anything, it just won´t come or it simply won´t happen. Most of issues we are waiting for, will happen at some moment. If you are waiting that tomorrow won´t be a perfect day, then it won´t be a perfect day. If you don´t expect the success, then you won´t achieve it.

Therefore focus your mind on the issues, which you want and are expecting it. In the same way as you are expecting your salary every month.

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