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be advised: this article contains strong language

The cryptocurrency market can be a fickle bitch. The high, fast-moving volatility of bitcoin and other coins can lead to losing all your money in minutes. “But,” according to some Twitter personalities and Youtubers, “you don’t have to lose.”

Trading bitcoin, ether and other coins can be a lucrative venture, or a costly one. Even with good technical analysis, traders have been known to get liquidated. That is why you need a good trading strategy. As luck will have it there are a lot of people offering their guidance. Like The Oracle.

As a trader myself I’m always looking to enhance my trading strategies. I will read yet another book, check Twitter for ideas and try to figure out why it worked and why it didn’t, or go down the rabbit hole that is Youtube. Somehow I ended up watching The Oracle’s videos.

Who is The Oracle?

The Oracle is a trader on Youtube who designed, as he calls it, a “100% failsafe method to trading bitcoin due to his decades of experience as an options trader”.

Wait? He’s claiming you’ll never lose?

That’s right! If you “stick to the method” you will never occur a loss. In fact, in all of his videos the Oracle claims he has never been liquidated and he’ll tell you time and time again both on Youtube and on his Discord. This man, with his raspy voice and his car salesman affect, claims to have found what we are all looking for: a secure way to make a lot of money easily and quickly.

Prove it!

Good news: he does! Apart from the modest name he gave himself, he posts videos of his method and his winnings on Youtube on several other accounts, like ‘Bitmex fast money trader’ where he tries to reel you in with titles such as, “BITMEX LEVERAGE LAWS, NEVER LOSE A TRADE EVER! FAST MONEY MADE EASY!” (yes, all caps) and “Making thousands in minutes”. I could go on, but you get the point.

I want to profit too!

So, how does this fortuneteller, nay, prophet do it?

Before we get into that, let me tell you what a video of his looks like.

  1. He gets to the point. “I’m going to show you how easy it is to trade”.
  2. He uses his “method” and looks for best conditions to enter.
  3. He lights up a cigarillo.
  4. He shows you screenshots of old trades and whopping 300% profits.
  5. He tells you to “be like a wolf and wait in the woods for the right conditions to enter”.
  6. He relights his cigarillo.
  7. He enters a trade.
  8. In between puffing on the cigarillo and rattling the ice in his drink, he rants about the exchange, other traders, how much money he has, how easy his method is, asks you to use his referrals and shows you some of the testimonials on his Discord.
  9. If the trade doesn’t go his way, he’ll use the “anti-liquidation defence system” which is actually a pretty alright addition or he’ll just stop the video, because “that’s it for today”.
  10. He relights his cigarillo.
  11. If the trade does go his way, he relights his cigarillo and tell you to buy the consultation for 0.11 BTC. You should know, the Oracle doesn’t think in dollars. He thinks in BTC, so he has no idea that at this point it’s about $1.200.

Wait. There’s a consultation? I thought his video would reveal his method?

It started as 0.03 BTC when bitcoin’s price was $3.300. Inflation is a bitch

Of course not. He can’t give it away, guys, because hey, he worked hard to design the method and if everyone’s using it, it loses its effectiveness.

Before throwing down a grand, let’s try the free way first. Let’s watch hours and hours of videos and go to his Discord and try to gather as much information as we can.

So, from his rants you’ll find out it’s definitely not technical analysis OR fundamental analysis. That stuff is for mere mortals. Not for the Oracle. In fact, if you so much as even mention technical analysis in his Discord group, he will ban you (as he likes to say, “brick you” upon which he shows everyone a picture of a bloody brick) and other “sheep” like you, because “that’s how they get your money”. “TA is just a way for them to predict your moves”. ‘Them’ being the exchanges and the big-money traders who use their account sizes to manipulate the market. “Also,” he says, “every TA guy will put out an idea that goes two ways. Just give me one!”

Just don’t be a scumbag with your “helping people out with TA” and your “learning stuff”!

As someone who knows TA doesn’t always work out and also doesn’t like ambiguous trade ideas, this sounded quite interesting.

But myself aside, imagine also someone who has lost money because of inadequate TA seeing this message. “It’s not you. It’s TA.” That’s like telling a small child mummy and daddy did not get a divorce because of you.

So if it’s not TA. what is it?

First off, his videos reveal he is using Heikin Ashi candles on the 1 minute chart. He has this method called the “German pinprick method” where he watches out for tails on candles, but again, he’s not just going to tell you what that method specifically entails. Even though he has hundreds of videos that are specifically called, “The German pinprick method explained!” (I’ll spare you the caps) and “My 100x leverage secrets revealed!” you’ll get the real ‘secret sauce’ only when you do his consultation for the low, low price of 0.11 BTC.

Yes. $1.200 (as of today) for a full, half hour explanation of his method. “So easy. You’ll get it right away and make that money back in one trade”. Just check the screenshots. Check the testimonials in his Discord. 1200% gains here. 150% there (what a loser, right? “Only” 150%? Pfff!). And they’re all “wolves”.

Wait, what’s a wolf?

It seems the phrase ‘wolf’ goes beyond the allegory of a predator waiting to pounce on its prey like a trader for the right market conditions to set in to enter. Everyone who has paid for the consultation actually receives “wolf status” and entry to a locked channel on his Discord. One that is apparently so vastly different from the free channel when it comes to how much they’re winning on a constant basis, it’s ridiculous.

So what claims do we have?

We have:

  • videos and screenshots of successful trades of nothing less than 50% profits for trades at 50-100x leverage
  • not one video of a losing trade
  • testimonials with screenshots of other people’s gains
  • a method that anyone can learn within minutes that promises 100% success rate

Is that worth $1.200?

For a lot of people it is. Like my buddy.

I personally reached out to people in the Discord, asking them what made The Oracle’s claim so interesting and if they would do the consultation. 90% confirmed that “if they had the money” they would buy it from him. So would my buddy Aaron (not his real name). Just like me, Aaron found himself in the rabbit hole that is Youtube where he witnessed The Oracle supposedly winning every trade. He was so impressed, he actually studied the free material and after a streak of winning trades, he wrote a testimonial in favour of The Oracle’s teachings. He showed me his method. I told him that was basically TA. He didn’t so much agree as concede. He knew The Oracle was anti TA and shamefully admitted to using “the devil’s concoction”.

At that point, something happened in the Discord group. A member had the consultation. He claimed it lasted fifteen minutes and added nothing. He said he was a high schooler who mowed lawns all summer to raise the money for the consultation and really didn’t think the Oracle’s fifteen minutes was worth it and wanted his money back. Within seconds, yes, seconds, the member was called a scammer by the Oracle himself and bricked.

Personally, this made me want to see the video even more. But it also made me notice something.

Before revealing what I noticed, I wanted to be sure, so with a different mind I checked out his sources again.

First off, the videos on Youtube.

  • The Oracle actually cuts some videos off at the end. Upon further research, going back and watching the chart, I found out that those particular videos ended up as losses — even after utilizing his self-praised anti-liquidation method, he would have lost all of his money. So his claim of never being liquidated is false. So what else is false?
  • The Oracle’s videos get reported constantly for fraudulent practices and copyright infringement and it’s only because of a person he calls “Agent Zero” who works at Youtube headquarters that he’s being protected and his videos are upheld.
  • The Oracle has videos with titles claiming to reveal everything yet reveal almost nothing.
  • He puts out videos claiming thousands of dollars of profit, yet if you look closely, you’ll often notice he trades with a very low amount.
3 whole contracts??? Big spender!

Then, I got a closer look at Discord.

  • The Oracle puts out referral links to websites that grow your portfolio passively. The honesty here is that he tells you they are scams, but there’s his motto: “why not scam them before they scam you”? Now, he makes money on every single referral and upon further research I found out that EVERY, SINGLE WEBSITE turned out to be a scam that financially ruined a lot of people, mainly from his Discord.
  • The Oracle bricks anyone commenting about TA positively or simply using it. Now, say what you will about TA’s consistency, but why dismiss anything that could add to the conversation?
  • He had to implement phone number verification, because people were creating new accounts and calling him a scammer. I understand keeping the environment clean, but there’s a fine line between attacks and opinions. Considering he bricks anyone with an opinion, this seems a measure that goes beyond upholding decency.
How. Dare. He.
  • He claims he is a foreseer of the 1-minute chart, yet his longterm prognoses are 9 out of 10 times wrong. He actually is a WONDERFUL counterindicator. I could share tens of screenshots of him getting it wrong and changing his opinion within half an hour, calling everyone idiots for ‘going against him’, but that would be too much. You can check most of them out in his Discord group yourself (if he didn’t delete them and he has).
Wait? Didn’t you already short?

Then, I got a closer look at the man behind the Oracle.

Who really is the man behind The Oracle?

The Oracle is none other than Frank Dilullo. If you look him up, you’ll see a slew of credentials of which we’ll list only a few. He is:

  • a blogger on several topics like real estate, mental and physical health, travel destinations and so on.
  • a medium by the name of “Frank Delano” who has had the “foresight” ever since he was a child.
  • the CEO and owner of a company called “Holey Donuts” which defaulted after becoming insolvent, of which sources claim it was a Ponzi scheme.
Scammer or not, these donuts look good. Maybe I’ll get some

I could go on and on about his criminal charges and the fact that he is in a costly legal battle with his ex-wife, but you get the point: Frank is a true Renaissance man! He can do it all!

He can’t take a joke or opinions though. Any mention of his past in his Discord and you’re out. Try it. Call him ‘Frank’ in his Discord channel. He HATES that. It will get you bricked and you don’t want that, because it’ll diminish your chances of ever reaching that highly-coveted position as a wolf in his den.

Speaking of which, the Discord is highly toxic. I suggest everyone take a look. Even putting out a simply prognosis like, “I think we’re going to $12.000” will get you bricked so fast. Why? Because it’s not Frank’s method. It smells like…technical analysis!? HOW DARE YOU? “Only my method works!” as Frank would say. Well, he would actually say, “olyn my methd works” because his writing his terrible. Check out his videos. It’s like he’s dragging his knuckles across the keyboard.

This is just a Friday for Frank

If you think Frank is an awful Discord dictator (“Disctator?” Submitting the patent right now), his cronies are even worse. There’s a principle in the book “The Six Principles of Persuasion” by Cialdini that claims people will become more adamant about something the more they have invested in it. The more something cost, the more you will justify its cost-even beyond reason. Now you understand why Apple’s iMac Pro stand is oh so reasonably priced at $999. Frank’s cronies have possibly invested a lot of money in the consultation alone, never mind the portfolio investment to actually trade or the time in the Discord group and on Youtube to learn this method. They force themselves mentally to justify their allegiance. In return they defend Frank at all cost, do his bidding and are so scared to even mention anything negative about ol’ Frankieboy. Do it. Go to his account. Ask him something like, “Are you a scammer?” or something even seemingly innocent like “Is your real name Frank?” I still have connections with three wolves and no matter how much evidence I have provided, they will not speak ill of Frank.


They will speak ill of the group. As you’ve read earlier Frank claims the locked channel on Discord for people who’ve had the consultation is of a way higher level than the free group.

It’s not.

In fact, it’s worse. There is nothing that will make you learn faster than mistakes. In that group, if you make a mistake, you didn’t listen to Frank. And not listening Frank could get you bricked. So what you get is like a mini Cold War era Soviet Union where you sing only the praises of the high leader and you follow the rules or you disappear.

Also, they’re little scammers themselves. One person actually passed on a tip from Frank on how to make your winnings seem bigger by sliding the leverage up just before getting out.

“Cool trick to raise your profits!”

The level of brainwashing is high. How does he do it? Apart from heavy punishments, high promises, one of his tools is inclusion. That’s the reward. What’s the punishment? Isolation. Members fear getting bricked so much, they apologize before even making a comment asking how Frank came to a certain prediction. Check the screenshot below. Ask him what “his matrix” is. Most likely means he did some technical analysis or borrowed someone else’s idea, but I’m assuming. And that’s heresy.

The matrix is real!

Right now in the Discord group there are over one hundred people. That’s not that much, right? The interesting part here is that the circulation is high. Incredibly high. In the past two months there have been well over one thousand members. So where did they go? They leave, become inactive or get bricked. Especially when they talk back. A whole new ‘batch’ comes in and Frank gets to parasite on them right up until he “doesn’t like their tone”. Yes, if Frank even senses negativity, like when someone asks him a question in the locked room even, he will call you names and throw you out prematurely.

Watch your tone, young man!

We have discussed everything, right? Frank is a scammer. His calls are bad. The Discord group is toxic beyond belief. The videos provide false information. No reason to go on, right? I mean, what’s left?

Oh, right.

The consultation.

I have found that even with all the knowledge I gathered, I still wanted to see his method. His “100% accurate German pinprick method” of which I knew had to be total and utter bullshit…but it was something I had to see. Of course, knowing I would write this article, I had to go out with a bang and give you what you were looking for, but in all honesty? It was my personal curiosity that drove me towards the consultation.

But I wasn’t paying 0.11 BTC for the privilege. Instead I reached out to two of the members who were going to do the consultation and asked them to record the screen. I chipped in as a thank you.

So, without further ado, a summary of “the most accurate and last consultation you’ll ever need, the one that will get you to beat Bitmex at 100x leverage every single time”:

It’s shit.

Utter horseshit.

I once watched a fifty minute trading video in 144p, taken from a VHS, narrated by a Hindi speaking guy. That video made a hundred times more sense than Frank’s consultation video and I don’t speak Hindi.

Before I divulge this information I have to say two things:

  1. I am not giving away his method. I am only reiterating what Frank teaches in the Youtube videos and I’m giving my opinion on the things he exclusively teaches in the consultation.
  2. The way Heikin Ashi candles are set up says not so much about price, but more about the current trend. For example: a red Heikin Ashi candle does not necessarily mean price went down. It means the price average of the last two candles were down. This could mean while the last HA candle was red, the real candle #1 is red while candle #2 is green. Price actually went up. This is important, because as you’ll see, Frank bases his ‘wins’ on this principle. I mean, how difficult is it with Heikin Ashi to predict the next candle will probably be the same as before?

The consultation:

  1. Aaron has been asked to start the appointment later.
  2. At the agreed upon time, he still waits half an hour for Frank.
  3. Frank starts the conversation off by saying this is his exclusive secret sauce as to how to predict the future
  4. Frank shows us a screenshot someone else made with Bollinger Bands (which have nothing to do with the method) and explains the basics of how he uses Heikin Ashi, showing us some known candle patterns, but giving them his own names, like “ghost candle” and “fetus candle”.
  5. Frank basically shows us what consolidation candles look like.
  6. Frank shows us what he looks for and what he doesn’t look for. That last part might be interesting. I can’t go into detail, but it’s basically the same principle as the answer to “what do wicks mean on a candle?”
  7. After ten minutes he’s done explaining. Time for Aaron to ask questions.
  8. Aaron wants to the theory work on a live chart.
  9. Frank reiterates a lot of his theory from the Youtube videos about checking the 6H chart. He goes back into history, showing how he (could have) predicted the chart. Mind you, the theory gets wonky here, because of the fact that Heikin Ashi does not represent current price. Frank actually says he goes in short at a certain point and takes profit later. (With Heikin Ashi it seems like he’d be in profit. Revisiting that later on a chart with standard candles we found you’d actually be in loss.)
  10. Aaron insists on checking the live chart. Frank makes a careful prediction on the current situation. Unfortunately it’s a “no trade zone”, but carefully advises not to long here. (we revisited this and price actually went up. In fact since then, price never went below-we can’t give you the exact date due to Aaron’s anonymity).
  11. He shows what a trade zone is.
  12. After five minutes the next person messages him and after a little convo Frank returns to the chart.
  13. Frank handles some questions, reiterating what he said and showing more screenshots for ten minutes, promising Aaron more examples in the form of screenshots and access to the group so he can learn there.
  14. After twenty five minutes it’s done.

We traded with the system (if you can call it that). It doesn’t work. Unfortunately we can’t go into it without showing the theory, but let’s say someone told you to enter a long trade after seeing three green Heikin Ashi candles and exiting when you see a red candle. At first glance it might work, but simply take it into practice and you’ll see it doesn’t.

Current developments

Last we heard, Frank’s videos are getting reported on Youtube as containing scams. It seems Agent Zero, his spy/guardian angel/non-existent Tyler Durden figure at Youtube HQ, isn’t able to protect him anymore, so that’s why he requested his followers to help him.


Also, we’ve heard Frank was cancelling appointments, but keeping the money. But nothing has been confirmed yet. Mind you, there have been allegations of Frank exit scamming from other accounts before.

(edit: one of the members received their money back after hounding Frank through email and on his Discord. Frank attached a lovely message on how sorry he was it didn’t work out and if they can still be friends. Oh, no wait. This is what he said:)

Probably just an automatic reply with every refund


As with all my reviews, I rate on a scale from 1 to 10. I can tell you now, I’m not giving this a score of 1.

The theory sucks. Frank’s calls suck. His referrals suck. Everything he does will lose you money. High school kids are getting ripped off. The Discord is highly toxic.


it is highly entertaining.

People on Discord begging the Great Leader not to kick them out because they made a prediction? Love it.

Seeing someone who probably truly believes he’s a “time traveler” and can “look into the future” (he says this all the time) yet failing time and time again: priceless.

You’ll also make some new friends, because I asure you members from the Discord will actively DM you, asking either for the consultation video, trying to sell you theirs or to discuss Frank’s seedy past.

If you want to make money however, this is not for you. The only ones making money here are Frank and the scam websites he’s promoting. The only thing I could maybe recommend is to use Frank’s long term calls as counterindicators, but even that’s shaky at best since he deletes those when he’s wrong.

If you like watching bad movies and can appreciate this endeavour for the brainwashing scam it is, feel free to visit his Discord. If not, avoid altogether.

Krach Score: 2/10

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