The Hidden Meaning of Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Also, messing around with The Game Changers

I’ve written about Monopoly Cheaters Edition before, but here’s a crash course on how it differs from the original.

  • Cheat Cards allow players to legally cheat in specific ways.
  • You don’t build houses on Properties. Only Hotels.
  • Players that are in Jail put on a plastic Handcuff. It’s mostly a gimmick, but it does tie into one of the Cheat cards.
  • You don’t have to Bankrupt everyone else to win. The game ends when all properties have been purchased and the players have returned to Go. Whoever has the most cash wins.

I felt a burning need to play Cheaters again after reading some other essays on Monopoly’s history and the meaning of the mechanics. That inspiration was compounded by a recent purchase I desperately wanted to test drive.

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