This July, real estate giant Zillow joined startup Opendoor (and other ibuyers) to begin buying homes directly from homeowners in the Portland real estate market. Through the trend known as instant offers, or ibuyers, customers can fill out a quick online form and get an offer on their home in one or two business days.

Should Portland home owners be tempted to request an “instant offer” and cash out their home the digital way? iBuyers are quick to point out the advantages: Not only will home owners supposedly save time in waiting for a traditional buyer to make a serious offer on the home, but they will also save the hassle of showing the home. So what’s there to lose?

Well, to get an answer, we can look at what iBuyer customers in other cities have been saying. These services may be new in Portland, but they’re bringing a reputation with them. Here are the top customer complains about Opendoor and Zillow Offers:


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