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Yester generation witnessed extended families with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and parents living under the same roof. However, times are changing not only the younger but the older generation too has a new individualistic mindset. Either due to consequences or by choice most relocate themselves away from home towns, giving the elderly no choice but to lead their lives on their own. In such situations, senior-friendly retirement homes in India are the most practical choice to rely on for its caring and favorable facilities.

Gagan Nulife is one of the best luxury retirement homes in India with its humongous property spread over a 1lac sq. ft. area and several community buildings at Kamshet near Lonavala. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery and provides the best of luxurious services to elderly people. This residency for seniors has achieved a blissful environment bringing about a change in the way of their lives. Pune houses many retirement homes but the ones with the most favorable conveniences and holistic ambiance are preferred by the elderly. Gagan Nulife encompasses mind, body, and soul rejuvenating amenities thus it is nothing short of a paradise to the retired.

Life Leisure and company

In the best retirement homes in India, you can easily make new friends and enjoy their company through facilities such as Wellness Center, Fitness Club (gym), Yoga Hall, Meditation Room, Meadow Walk, Puja Garden, Acupressure Lawns and Vegetable Farms.

Residents of senior citizen homes in India especially of Gagan Nulife live to the fullest by engaging in their choice of enjoyable activities which are carefully selected and designed keeping their preferences in mind. They can choose from an array of wellness and fitness programs, educational classes, social and cultural outings, games, special entertainment on festivals and much more. The list of possibilities is endless.

Fitness and Gentle Care

Senior living homes in India treat their residents with complete healthcare facilities and responsibility. At Gagan Nulife, Homecare and Medicinal services to the elderly are provided by trusted professionals only. They conduct regular checkups, cold, and cough, new or chronic illness, in house medical services is available 24hrs a day. Gagan Nulife motivates the aged to exercise and rejuvenate physically mentally and spiritually. It has a meditation room, gym, wellness center, yoga halt, puja garden, acupressure lawns, and vegetable farms complete physical and mental care. Senior living in India at such senior citizen homes are provided by abundant happiness, security and complete health care facilities with 24*7 onboard medical staff

Gagan Nulife provides tremendous facilities to its residents giving them an opportunity to cherish every moment of their lives with like-minded neighbors. The luxurious interior and exteriors boast tons of social and cultural amenities. The location in terms of reachability and connectivity too is very favorable, thus making Gagan Nulife in Pune the most preferred friendly retirement home for the seniors.

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