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Yasser Khan
What This PropNex Agent Did After No One Even Bothered

Yet he was only trying (bluntly) to change their bad, old habits

ok, they were angry

I Got The Two Agents Pissed

Allow me to explain.

At the time, I was giving my team of agents about 400+ buyer leads per week.
And I quickly noticed a weird pattern emerging.

I could roughly predict how many percent of those leads were serious.
I also knew how many would go on to engage me and my team’s services.
But predictably enough, there were almost always two types of agents:

  1. Impatient, angry agents for whom no amount of leads was big enough
  2. Nurturing, patient agents for whom it was only a matter of timing

Over the course of my career, I saw many of the impatient ones leave the industry in droves. They never lasted very long.

And I also managed to identify that many of the old timer 20-year veterans actually happened to be patient nurturers. They were pros.

What a way to make a career prediction!

you could almost predict how long someone lasted…

The Impatient Agent Always Refuses to Wait

Two such agents of mine said this to me that fateful day:

All useless leads! Not even one was serious!

They were talking about calling up the 100 or so leads between them.
I had tasked those two the previous week with following up with the leads.
But I very strongly disagreed with them.

So strong was my reaction that I retorted back to their faces, very bluntly,

There are NO bad prospects, only bad SALESMEN!

They didn’t like what they heard.
In fact, they got defensive at being criticised.
And stomped off angrily.

defensive agents never improve

The Nurturing Agents Always Waits Patiently

The prospect may NOT be right all the time, but I’m responsible for how he FEELS all the time. She said to me.

Understandably enough, she was my favourite.
(But of course, I had to be tactful in how I treated my agents in front of others. This was about competence, not about politics.)
This agent managed to build lifetime loyalty with her client, whereas the former agent was an easy victim to the next smoother talker.

This was a PRO.
She had trained herself to LISTEN.
And GIVE. Not just take and take all the time.

pros intimately know what their prospects (really) want and give it to them

Some Broken Things Are Better Left Unmended

And went on to build my own TEAM system around what I had learned.

My TEAM System Revealed

Avoid all these problems other realtor teams frequently face:

  • upline too busy with personal sales to motivate downlines
  • downlines too dependent on upline’s goodies and freebies
  • culture of strife, lack of cooperation, negativity and burnout
  • no one knows what to do when and why
  • jaded agents leave teams with their entire division of downlines
  • agent forgetting all about the very person they swore to serve: clients

Get these benefits when you have my TEAM System

  • Earn more overriding commissions by helping more agents succeed
  • Effectively delegate the right tasks to the right people so you don’t have to do these
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