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RebeccaKate Greene
If You Ain’t Talkin Money I Don’t Wanna Talk

One of the ten facts was that self-employed people are happier people. I can confirm this fact because my dad is self-employed and he is a very happy person. He is genuinely happy about life itself, but he is happy about specific things too like setting his own hours, not having to answer to anyone else, and being able to go fishing when he wants. I am happy to because he is happy, it is like the domino effect at our house. The one thing my dad is not too happy about is my spending style. You see, my style is a lot like my personality; crazy and unpredictable. I think of the song by Ariana Grande, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I buy it.” My parents are not as enthusiastic as my spending style which is why I am on a budget. This has been a change for me, but I know it is what is best for me and my future finances. My parents are sort of hypocrites though because they do not really follow a budget themselves. I guess it’s different for them because they are paying the bills. My parents have always said, “We can’t take the money to the grave and we are not promised tomorrow so we should enjoy it while we can as a family.”

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