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Sara Feiss Dusenberry
Change Your Mind Change Your Life Sara Feiss Dusenberry

When it comes to money, it’s time to change the way you think.

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Have you ever dreamed about traveling somewhere, imagining what you would pack, all the places and sites you would visit, how long you would want to be there, only to have it come to a grinding halt by this simple thought:

If only I had the money.

We’ve all done it. I do it, my friends and family members do it. We are very good at making ourselves feel really bad about not having enough money and not being able to do and buy everything we could ever want or need. I admit that I have a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety when it comes to money.

I have read books, articles, listened to many, many podcasts about money. I’ve read about and listened to many resources on abundance, the law of attraction, and living the life you want. I am still bad with money, and I am still broke. Right now, unfortunately, I’m not a wealthy stay at home mom. According to this article on, if what I do with my son 24/7 was paid, I wouldn’t have a single problem and I’d be living rather comfortably.

Motivational speakers are not only trying to help you live a better, more confident life where you achieve your dreams, but they want you to get there by increasing your income so that you can accomplish those things. You spend money on these inspiring people, to make money for yourself. They like to call it an investment in yourself. And well, it is.

It’s All About Your Mindset

How about we invest in ourselves by changing the way we think? How about we do something that we can take action on right this very moment? We can immediately begin to change our lives by changing the very thoughts we think from negative to positive ones. Oh, you might say, these motivational speakers already do that. Perhaps. Or perhaps not.

I’ve listened to countless podcasters, read dozens of articles, listened to spirtitual leaders, financial wizards and and I’ve read so many self-help books that I couldn’t tell them apart after a while. The books are nice, and they feel good in the moment, but I always walked away still worried about my problems and my life. I was still very broke after having purchased this book from a person I’ve never met, and possibly never will, and was now $15 more successful than me.

It was frustrating and I felt like I was a rat stuck in a wheel going nowhere fast.

With this negative, limiting language we are not even allowing for any possibilities to find ways to make this dream, or any dream, become a reality.

One might challenge this, and say that this thought is a perfectly reasonable and rational statement. You need a lot of money to buy a ticket and food and a hotel and so on, especially if you have a family. You need a lot of money for that newer car, those new fancy clothes, that high end dinner to treat friends, etcetera. So yes, how can you go on an extravagant trip if you don’t have the money for it?

Giving Money Too Much Power

Is money the key to all happiness? Or is happiness the key to money? I’m growing so tired of living, thinking, breathing from a deep, dark place of lack. I don’t want to pass this off to my children, who deserve better in this world than that. The negative, limiting thoughts whether it’s about money, or self-worth or confidence can be the difference between their happiness and sadness. That, to me, is ridiculous and alarming.

Our emotions have highjacked our wallets. We don’t have enough. And if we don’t have enough for what we want, it’s stressful, and we get so overwhelmed. What if we said that to our spouses, “I really want to give you that back massage, but I don’t love you enough.” I think we’d be sleeping on the front porch if that happened.

Money Isn’t the Problem

If you want something, you can have it, but you have to work at it and actually take action. If the reality is that don’t have extra money for a trip, you can make money. Ask to work overtime, have a yard sale, list something on Craigslist or e-bay, whatever you have access to and use your imagination on ways to bring in some money. Change “I don’t have enough” to “I don’t have enough, yet.”

As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” If you really want to live a better life, the only person stopping you from doing that is you. I know I have been in my own way and I’m working towards changing that. I’m actively trying to stop these thoughts around money and focusing on the positives, practicing gratitude daily for all that I do have already. It’s hard to expect that you’ll get anything in this world if you don’t have any appreciation for the things that you have right now.

It’s time to break the emotional dependency on this negative relationship to money. You can have the kind of life you dream of, you just have to come up with a plan and go after it, work really hard. Practice gratitude daily for what you have in your life, and use positive, kinder language about money. It’s a thing, it’s not a person and it’s not trying to sabotage your life. You are letting it stop you, and giving it too much power. Take the power back and start living the life that you want for yourself.

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