I often hear the phrase “what will it all mean

I often hear the phrase “what will it all mean in the end?”

In this world, across billions of people, there is a constant search for meaning and purpose.

Many develop and create their own meanings for the life, and are aware they are self — created and not objective, divine — given meanings, and continue to build them into reality.

I see this to be beautiful and electric in its own nature — it highlights the divine intelligence and creativity inside each human being, to be able to combine their highly intricate perception, intelligence, ability to choose and pursue actions, and other factors too, to create a huge possibility for every human existing, and ensure that a pushes and flowers all sorts of potentials as one should, and encourages a huge amount of self-inflicted joy en route.

Do I think there is an objective meaning to this life? Even if I do not know of it yet? No, I do not.

I LOOSELY think… to be more specific, I gesture… in my current perception, that meaning is a search for purpose, and clarification on ROI, aka return on investment.

I seem to partially think that it’s one of the snowballs of glorified survival — it’s testing and playing with the abilities and all sorts of parameters and realms in which humans can play with in this world.

What is music? It’s a play on the sense we perceive as sound. What are many sports? A play on the human intelligence and physical nature… many activities are tests on our abilities to create possibilities for us to evolve, through parameters we create and we decide, for example, in sport you have set rules and objectives.

Fame and fortune are strives for many because, firstly, people look at the expected social glorifications of being famous — it’s a very primal facet, it’s like being liked in a tribe.

Those who often strive for fame as an objective in itself don’t enjoy what it really is in it’s unique, out-of-context nature. Those who receive fame as a result of notable action in a specific field, or just in the world — action that affects a large number of people and benefits people outside of themselves, in some way or the other, i.e. entertainment — entertaining people — being a part of making people laugh and smile and enjoy themselves, may experiecne this part of life in a whole different light.

Fortune buys us lifestyles, allows us to do things as “we choose”, but on a long, misty path, the sacrifices many make for unreasonable and unnecessary fortune leads to a baron land where they have no longer kept to their own principles, and have become a slave to pursuing freedom.

So, what will it all mean in the end?

We provide meaning. Meaning is not something of this life, it’s someting we strive for, as we enjoy creating pursuits. Our energies are formed that way as we all wish and desire to create.

Never limit yousrself — what happens, happens. What does not happen, does not happen. Please do not live by probabilities as that is not a truthful representation of how this world and life works. This life is not purely logical, it is not linear. There are aspects that we can assume to be linear, but in their very nature are not.

Another taste of life today, and I shall continue to drink it up daily.



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