Annual Financial Report of the Government of Canada Fiscal Year 2017–2018

Jae Duk Seo
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So did we have less debt? → there were more revenue → but also program increases.

Revenue increased → but so as programming expenses. (also, debt have increased as well → this is expected since we have now a number of retirement individuals).

Wow, Canada really did well in 2017 → more jobs as well as good housing market → with a lot of help in other areas. (as well as GDP growth).

Also, oil price really makes a lot of difference → this is somewhat expected since it is critical for society.

Good economy but → the pension plan is really taking the toll in the economy. (this is going to get worse over the years → how can we survive from this?).

Also, the amount of debt was the same.

So the estimated budget was much larger than expected → but it seems like a lot of people got a job and paid the taxes.

Again, personal income tax → its the lifeline of the government. (many people got a job → a lot of people were able to get a job → strong corporate earnings as well → manufacture was big). (the economy just grew the previous year).

A lot came from taxes.

Again, a lot of money is going out in health as well as the elderly. (assistance to farmers as well as other cases were a problem as well).

Social help, as well as elderly portions, are taking away all of the money. (how can we optimize this operation?).

Increased in students and more.

It is just social transfer → is there a way to optimize this?


Wow, the pension plan is just CRAZY!

So the number of assets grew → mostly from loans and more. (a crown corporation).

Student loan, as well as a pension plan, have increased.

But also, liabilities have increased as well. (pension is a huge one → it never stops growing). (although it is smaller than other counties).

Again, the health sector is the key indicator → if we can optimize that → we can save a lot of money.

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