Shift Your Money Story to Create Financial Abundance

Laura Gevanter
Shift Your Money Story to Create Financial Abundance

We all have stories. Sometimes we like the stories we tell and sometimes we don’t. We have stories about who we are, what we do and what our childhood was like, but did you ever stop and consider what your what money story was? I’ll bet you never even thought you had one.

My money story? I either had it or I didn’t. I saved it or I spent it. If I work hard, I’ll have money. Well, it’s not that simple. We reinforce our own version of our money story and affirm it every time we spend money, look at a bill, complain about how quickly it goes or even avoid looking at our bank balances. The good news is that once you become aware of what your story is, you can change it to be more in alignment with what you’d like your experience with money to be.

Where do these money stories come from?

Our money stories are created by our earliest experience with money and the way it was viewed growing up. Our parents had already created their own money stories (many times past down from generation to generation) and you received whatever message was given to you. For many people their message was one of lack, struggle and limitation. You witnessed a parent working very hard to make ends meet and you felt deprived of things you wanted because there “was never enough”. Money was fear-based and something you didn’t talk about (and we wonder why so many people have financial difficulties!).

For others, it was assumed there would always be more, always enough and never expected to ever be without. They assumed they would always have money and usually always did. We ended up believing what we were told and witnessed as truth since we were never taught otherwise.

There was no class in school that taught us the value of money, how we live in an abundant Universe and that there is always enough. Money is nothing more than energy that was created to flow in and out.

What’s my story?

The way to discover your money story is to examine your current beliefs about it and trace them back to see where they originated. You can then decide if they if they are beliefs you want to hang onto or not. Next, begin to look at your money habits, self-talk and casual conversation about it. This is extremely powerful as you are affirming every time you say, “I can’t afford it”, “I have no cash” or “we are in a bad economy”, etc. and are “asking” the Universe to give you more of the same. You are focusing on what is and even if you are stating “the truth” at that moment that you don’t have money, it’s how you feel about it and ultimately how you are vibrating, that you are sending out into the Universe.

Understandably, it is difficult to have the feeling of abundance when you have lots of debt, are low on cash and have bills piling up. This is why the most important thing you can do is to become aware of your beliefs around money and make the decision that you want things to be different. Then, you are able to create a new money story and begin a healthy relationship that will shift your money vibration and ultimately allow more of it to come into your life.

So, how do you create that shift? Change your money story by identifying your money habits and creating new ones, which are more in alignment with wealth and abundance. It’s really pretty simple, but requires taking an honest look and making a conscious effort to nurture that new relationship. Here’s how you do that.

Shifting from a lack mindset to one of abundance:

Watch your language about money and remove these phrases from your vocabulary:

I can’t afford it” — Whenever you say “I can’t afford it” you are affirming and reinforcing that you don’t have money and that becomes your point of attraction. You will be attracting more circumstances in which you will not be able to afford it. Instead, when you say something like, “ I chose not to buy that now” it is a much more empowered energy and is stating that you have a choice.

I have no cash” — If you are used to using credit cards all the time, start to carry some cash with you so you NEVER have to utter the phrase “I have no cash”. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use your credit cards, but you want to always be able to say that you “have cash”.

Money is hard to get” — Keep track of every time you get something for free. This can be a discount, someone buys you coffee, you get an unexpected savings, you find money, you win something, you inherit money, you receive a service for free. All this counts as money coming to you and the more open you are to receiving it in unexpected ways, the more money will come to you.

I hate paying my bills.” — If you have resistance to paying bills it affects you in two ways:

1. You have resistance to letting more money in because you are not easily letting it flow into and out of your life which is what money was designed to do and

2. You are not showing gratitude for what you are getting in exchange for those bills. Want an easy fix? At the time of paying your bills, stop for a minute and appreciate the heat that keeps your house warm, the car that transports you to where you need to go or the phone that let’s your child know they will be home late. What you will get is more things to appreciate and will release the resistance you have in letting money go.

I’ll never get out of debt” — It’s a limiting belief which is just a reflection of past actions and a past vibration. You can change your perspective to see debt as a temporary situation. By being more aware and having a higher level of consciousness around money, you are creating a new vibration, which will in turn create new circumstances and outcomes.

I never had a lot of money therefore I never will” — What happened in your past is just that, in your past. You can create whatever you desire and your past has no bearing on this. Change what you focus on and you change the result.

Here are some techniques to help raise your money vibration:

Pay by cash as much as you can. Not only will this help so that you never have to say “I have no cash”, but you will actually experience the exchange of money for something, so your mind makes the connection of actually getting something for the money going out as opposed to using a credit card where there is no actual, tangible money being exchanged.

Open your bills when you get them, instead of stashing them away and dreading it. This reinforces a lack mentality and resistance as opposed to appreciating what you are getting in exchange for them.

Celebrate when any amount of unexpected money shows up no matter how small. It shows that you are getting in alignment with money coming from sources that you may not have considered and are beginning to allow it in.

Take responsibility for your current money situation and you will be empowered to create a new one for the future.

Know how much money you have in your back account. It is always better to know and accept where you are, then to not know and create a state of fear or lack.

Start a savings account with whatever amount you can afford, even if it’s only a dollar a week. This will give you the experience of watching your money grow and at the same time sending out a vibrational signal that you want money to stick around and appreciate it being there.

Notice your self-talk and feelings throughout the day in regards to your money interactions. This is one of the most powerful exercises you can do as it is giving you instant feedback to the vibration you are sending out and the frequency that you do it. Notice how you feel when you make purchases. Do some make you feel happy and others do not? Notice your thoughts and feelings as you receive bills in the mail or check your bank balance. You can chose in those moments how you will react and chose a more financially abundant thought.

Your relationship to money is just like any other relationship that needs to be respected and welcomed into your life. If you are in a constant state of dread about it, energetically you are not attracting it into your life or if it does come in, it usually doesn’t stay very long. By becoming aware of your thoughts throughout the day, which reveal your beliefs around money, it will give you an indication to the vibration you are sending out to the Universe. Sending out feelings of lack and not enough will not attract abundance and wealth but seeing the possibilities and feeling wealthy now in whatever form resonates with you, will attract more of that into your life.

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