The Thing About Making Money by Writing - Ryan Hicks
The Thing About Making Money by Writing Ryan Hicks

When you think about money on writing, think about overhead. How much money do you have to put into the idea of making money by writing. How much money do you spend on computers? How much money do you spend on software? How much money do you spend on subscriptions? When you write something, do you get paid per word, per project, or per length of time?

How much does it cost you to live where you live? How many articles of what type do you have to write to get on budget? Are you writing articles that you value or that someone else values? Are you proud of what you write, or are you just doing your job?

I’ve written for several college newspapers. It was for money. They were also the most frustrating times of my life. Going head-to-head with editors about word choice is a nightmare.

The time I spent crafting an article only to have it printed with different words in a different order was infuriating. I wanted to burn my paychecks.

These last two semesters, I’ve written essays for homework assignments. Whether it’s about accounting or organizational behavior, I always write stories. I’m sure the class professors scratch their heads reading narratives, but at least I’m accurate enough with my data to get full credit — so far.

So I’m not making any money writing these school papers. But I find them valuable, and my friends outside of class get a huge laugh from me trying to fit my square body in a round hole.

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