With Compact, Versatile Testing Devices for Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitoring, DRIO Addresses a Huge Worldwide Patient Base with Diabetes and Related Conditions

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With Compact Versatile Testing Devices for Blood Glucose and Blood

Undervalued NASDAQ Listed DarioHealth (DRIO) is a Rare Public Company in High Value Digital Therapeutics

DarioHealth Corp., (NASDAQ: DRIO) a digital health company, headquartered in Israel, develops and commercializes patented and proprietary technologies providing individuals with medical laboratory-testing capabilities using their own smart phones or other mobile devices. The company’s flagship product, the Dario Smart Diabetes Management Solution, is a mobile, real-time, cloud-based, diabetes management system based on a software application combined with the Dario Smart Meter, a pocket-sized, blood glucose monitoring device.

Digital Therapeutics is an important medical products market niche where DRIO is currently the only pure option that is a publicly traded company. This situation gives investors a unique opportunity, especially if they discover DRIO early on. Other companies operating in this high value medical screening arena, the largest is Livongo Health (NASDAQ: LVGO) which just had its IPO in July and trades in the $35 to $40 price range. DRIO is currently trading at much more affordable price levels between .50-.60 per share which should catch the eye of opportunistic investors.

For a reflection of how undervalued DRIO currently trades, due to the early state of investor awareness on the company, just review these fundamentals:
DRIO: DarioHealth Medical/Therapeutic App + Service + Device has a Market Value of $24 million with current sales of $9 million. This gives a Market Value/Sales of just 2.7x.
LVGO: Livongo Medical/Therapeutic App + Service + Device has a Market Value of $1000 million with current sales of $80 million. This is a Market Value/Sales of 12.5x.

DRIO also has an attractive share structure with only about 49 million outstanding. The company has $11 million in cash and no debt on its balance sheet, further enhancing shareholder value

The world leading Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System has US FDA clearance and approval
from the European CE, Health Canada, and Australia’s TGA. It is commercially available in the
United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Australia. DarioHealth is also
rapidly moving into new geographic markets and chronic conditions such as hypertension,
stress management and obesity. Currently, the company has about 39,000 active paying users worldwide and the list continues to grow steadily.

Furthermore, on July 30th DRIO management announced the launch of a new Blood Pressure Monitoring System now enabling users to integrate vital blood pressure readings into the Dario mobile app platform that will allow patients to monitor their blood pressure throughout the day, in addition to their blood glucose levels. The Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System assists patients with hypertension and is a critical part of DarioHealth’s strategy to go beyond diabetes and reach patients with a variety of chronic conditions.

Today, 75 million Americans have High blood pressure including 73.6% of adults with diabetes. By offering a fast, easy way to monitor these two strongly correlated chronic conditions, DRIO aims to help more people live healthier lives. The company also provides healthcare professionals with access to the accumulated information and enables them to adjust their interventions and evaluate their clinical effectiveness based on hard data. Like the Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System, the Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System is FDA-cleared.

The Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System will be offered as a companion system where the Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System is available, online and via Dario distributors. The company’s business plan has taken the best of both worlds — the world of the wearable market, which is projected to reach $51.6B in just a few years, and the monitoring market that is climbing toward the $30B mark.

What truly makes DRIO a remarkable investment opportunity is the fact that it has steadily grown from being a user-centric, direct-to-consumer company to a mature organization that is fully data-driven and able to provide a wide-range of managed care solutions. At the hub of it all is DarioHealth’s proprietary engagement platform, which has been painstakingly built by carefully monitoring and analyzing big data.

For more information investors can visit the DRIO company website at www.dariohealth.com

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