Your advice is inspiring. – Virginia Gilbert

Your advice is inspiring. - Virginia Gilbert
Your advice is inspiring Virginia Gilbert

Your advice is inspiring. I haven’t made any money from freelance writing for a couple of years now. But then, I haven’t written anything lately worth selling. So it’s time I decide whether I want to keep writing comments on forums just because I can’t keep quiet, or whether I want to get focused and write things people will pay to read.

I was a paid journalist for more than 25 years and after that had a few years of having enough freelance income to report on my tax returns. Plus I taught journalism and writing as a low-paid adjunct faculty member in a university night school. So I feel justified in adding to your list of advice:

Consider your audience. Part of the focus before you ever begin to write a piece is to ask, “who is this for?” This goes along with, “where will I publish/post this?” You, Tim, evidently have been able to answer these questions, perhaps without realizing it, when you decided on your focus. You’re writing for business clients. Not all writers are that focused or have that kind of expertise. Or want to write for business clients.

Most people who write, even if it’s just comments on a news site, do so with the assumption (hope?) that someone will read it.

Finding your audience is as important as finding your voice. And maybe more difficult, depending on your topic. (I feel another article coming on. But it’ll have to wait. I’m late for church.)

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