It’s Hard As Fuck Being Homeless – Angel Price, JD

Angel Price, JD
It’s Hard As Fuck Being Homeless Angel Price JD

I never thought I’d be homeless

However I am. Sometimes my spirits are low. I miss simple things like brushing my teeth every day, washing my face, washing my hair, going to the bathroom in my bathroom to boo boo and pee. I miss cooking my own food. I miss smelling good and looking good.

Well my last apartment I slept on the floor then I upgraded to an air mattress when I discovered spiders crawling around on the floor and woke up with one on my face. Then the air mattress got a hole in it. However, my apartment before that one, before that one had a bed in it. It was a pillow top queen size bed.

I miss wearing clean, cute clothes

I wear the same thing everyday. I bought a pair of pants that was $11.00 only because I had to pee so bad one night it just came out and I peed on myself in the car. I plan to go to the laundromat to wash the little clothes that I have.

Interviewing is hard because you have to dress up and smell good

I know I stink. I can smell myself — underarms, booty hole, vagina. I used to take showers at the gym until my membership was canceled. I don’t get to wash up for weeks.

I don’t remember the last time I took a shower

I’ve had two periods without taking showers. So if I had to guess, June was the last time I took a shower. I remember I was so dirty. I could rub my feet and skin with my nail — and thick dead balls of skin would be on my skin and under my nails.

Dating is Impossible When You Are Homeless

Dating is impossible. Guys expect you to look like something when you meet them. You have to take a shower, smell good, put on a little outfit. I informed two guys I was homeless, they changed their mind before we met up.

People treat you different when they find out you’re homeless. Now I don’t tell people and don’t attempt to date. However, I feel like I wouldn’t want to date again since guys won’t fuck with me broke.

Without meeting your basic needs it’s impossible to be happy / upbeat. The basics is simply a home to live in.

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