Breakfast links: Shuttles to Metro could help children experiencing homelessness get to school
Breakfast links Shuttles to Metro could help children experiencing homelessness

Should DC provide shuttles for children experiencing homelessness?

In the District, many children experiencing homelessness live in hotels and have a hard time getting to school. One group proposed a shuttle bus service from the shelter hotels to the nearest Metro station, similar to what hotels do for tourists.  (Theresa Vargas / Post)

Check out this map DC Ward 2 Council contributions

Keith C. Ivey put together an analysis of the DC Office of Campaign Finance report for Ward 2 council candidates. The analysis focuses on the number of contributions for each candidate, as opposed to the amount.   (Keith C. Ivey / DC Geekery)

An intersection where two people were killed will get pedestrian signals

The intersection of Wisconsin Avenue at Middleton Lane, where a driver struck and killed two people last week, will get pedestrian crossing signals installed by late 2020. Area residents say they have warned the state about the dangers of the intersection for years.   (Caitlynn Peetz / Bethesda Beat)

A new family shelter has opened in Brookland

The Sterling, the District’s fifth short-term family housing building, has just opened on Rhode Island Avenue in the Brookland neighborhood in Ward 5. It’s one of the replacements for the DC General Hospital shelter, which closed about a year ago.  (Abigail Constantino / WTOP)

This app aims to educate about local Native American history

George Washington University’s AT&T Center for Indigenous Politics and Policy developed an app that guides users to 17 sites in DC associated with Native American history.  (Cortlynn Stark / Post)

There’s more fallout from the Jack Evans scandal

Metro Board representative Corbett Price is under scrutiny for his actions during the ethics committee investigation into former board chairman Jack Evans. Price is being criticized for attempting to prevent the disclosure of Evans’ violations.  (Rachel Kurzius / DCist)

The “Save Historic Alexandria” fight with dockless scooters

The recent fight over dockless electric scooters in Old Town Alexandria gives some insight into how homeowners and neighborhood groups weaponize the concept of historic preservation to narrowly fit their preferences.  (Laura Bliss / CityLab)

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