How One Woman Used OfferUp to Resell for Profit

How One Woman Used OfferUp to Resell for Profit

Hanna McBadger first started using OfferUp in 2015, after her boyfriend suggested selling items from her overflowing closet to make extra cash. Because she was fresh out of nursing school, she was looking for any way to help make ends meet until she found a full-time job. After completing her first few sales on OfferUp, she was hooked! OfferUp made it easier for her to make extra cash and she loved the excitement of negotiating prices with buyers.

After finding work as a full-time nurse, Hanna spent the next couple of years casually selling her used clothes when she could. Then, in 2017, while browsing social media platforms for fashion tips, she discovered the online reselling community. On Instagram accounts like @thriftology_xo and @flippingprofits, she read stories about everyday people flipping used and thrifted items for insane profit. Being able to make enough money on the side to do things she loved, like traveling, was an exciting idea to her. Determined to reach her fullest earning potential, Hanna embarked to turn her newfound hobby into a side hustle, just like the experts she admired online.

Hanna’s success is a testament to the power of hustling. (Photo cred: Hanna)

In just three months, Hanna completed 105 sales and made a whopping $3,500. To find items she could flip, she scrolled through OfferUp and frequented local thrift stores in search of the best deals. “Ever since I was young I loved to dress up,” she says, “I already have a general knowledge about brands and what sells because I worked in retail, and that helped me quickly pinpoint the items that could bring me the biggest profit.” Brands like Free People, Nike and Madewell frequently provided her with the best profits.

To learn more about how to successfully run her side hustle, she followed hashtags on Instagram like #resellercommunity and #flipforprofit, and chatted with other resellers and fashion bloggers in the reselling community. In the first year after formalizing her reselling approach, Hanna was quickly able to rack up 495 sales, resulting in a profit of more than $16,000. Though she mainly focuses on clothes, Hanna admits that she’ll anything that might be able to net her profit. “My most memorable sale from OfferUp was a box of 50 brand new purple ornaments on the side of the road that were thrown out. I kept them in my closet until Christmas then sold it on OfferUp — an instant $10 profit.”

After a full year of hustling, she made enough money to travel and even to pay her bills, but constantly searching for a new item to flip while maintaining a full-time job caused her to keep odd working hours and lose sleep. This was a turning point for Hanna, and she decided to take a break from reselling, “I learned that not keeping up with your health is not good for business. You must take care of yourself to be successful because you can’t learn if you’re not at an optimal level.”

After taking time to work on herself and improve her health and relationships, she learned that time management and personal development are skills that are just as important to success as keeping track of the raw selling numbers. Determined to give reselling another shot, she embraced the “slow dime” strategy: which means to slowly sell higher-priced items, rather than “fast nickel”, which means selling items of lower value quickly and constantly.

Hanna saves quotes to her phone, like this one, that she can pull up on the go whenever she needs some inspiration.

Check out some of Hanna’s best tips for mastering the “slow-dime” strategy:

  1. Buy out of season items for cheap — you can resell these for high prices when they come back in season. For Hanna, that means buying sweaters and boots in the summer and reselling them in the fall and winter.
  2. Research what brands sell for a lot of money — for example, Eileen Fisher, or Kate Spade.
  3. Be patient. Don’t jump at the first offer — the right buyer will come along that’s willing to pay a more competitive price.

The “slow dime” business model worked for her new priorities, and Hanna started looking into new ways to bring in more income. After reading a book about the passive income generated from real estate investments, Hanna was reinvigorated with a new plan: in addition to continuing to sell quality items online, she started saving up her nursing paycheck so that she could buy a home and turn her real estate investment goal into a reality.

After six months to a year of saving, Hanna was finally able to purchase her first home, a duplex in San Diego, in June of 2019. She renovated the property so she can rent out one unit, and live in the other one, except for one weekend a month when she’ll list it on a rental site for extra cash.

“I feel the most successful when I set a goal, small or big, and I achieve it.” — Hanna McBadger (Photo cred: Hanna)

As for what the future holds, Hanna aims to purchase more real estate and is excited about growing her portfolio. It’s been four years since she started reselling on OfferUp, and Hanna looks back with fond memories on everything she’s learned. “I wouldn’t be where I am now without OfferUp,” she says, crediting the app for helping her discover her love for reselling and for helping her chart a path to success. “I recommend OfferUp for anyone with a busy schedule, or someone looking to make a quick buck to fund a trip or buy something new.”

As a successful reseller, Hanna regularly posts tips to her Instagram (@badgeronabudget) on how to find the best deals and sell it for a profit. Hanna believes that everyone’s definition of success is different, but she wants to be a quick support channel for those setting their sights on reselling. “I want to help people help themselves — help them understand that there isn’t a silver bullet to finding success and there’s always a dollar to be made… if you know where to look!”

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