Julia Katsivo
What are your money habits Julia Katsivo

Like many people, I’ve had a complicated relationship with money.

I never learned how to keep it or to make it work for me by making more.

No matter how much I made, I always lived paycheque to paycheque — and there was always an emergency to drain my savings.

When I had money I was outgoing and generous — the world and my life was full of possibilities. When I didn’t, I was mean and stingy and doomed to never “make it.”

Money had a powerful hold over my life.

It was the difference between dreams coming true and life feeling like it had no meaning.

Because let’s face it — the ability or inability to be a stable provider is closely tied to self-worth.

It took me many many years to understand and first accept my unhealthy view of money. Even more to realize I was the one who capped how much I made because of how I felt about money. Even more years to work on my mindset.

Trusting that money would come and stay was once something I couldn’t believe in. My experience was that it was planned for before it even showed up — so in it came and out it went.

Trusting that I would always find a way and that I didn’t have to rely on working for someone else with a capped potential was once impossible to consider — so my only sources of money were employment and not investments or passive income.

Believing that I had something of value that others would willingly pay for…. wooo! That took a lot of inner work to turn into a reality.

So here’s what I’d like you to know when you compare yourself to others or wonder why you don’t physically see what you spiritually believe:

You have to learn to push through. That’s why it’s called a breakthrough. Break through. That means barriers or walls or obstacles must be brought down. Then you get the mental click and your actions change. You’re now in alignment and what once was a struggle flows through.

Don’t give in to your defeating thoughts. Do one thing in the direction of your dreams and momentum will follow. Even if you’re tired or discouraged. Push Through.

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