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Design Tips to Make a Small Space Seem Big by Designer Maxwell Alexander / Duncan Avenue Interior Design Studio / Hudson Valley

Whether you live in a small apartment or want to make the most of a compact room, decorating to amplify the feel of square footage is a must. Here are three design tips to help you do just that.

Maximize light

What causes a room to appear spacious? Light. To make your home’s smallest areas feel bigger, flood them with light. Keep windows clean and make sure you don’t block them.

Be creative with lighting too. Designers often recommend rooms contain at least three lights. Low, indirect lighting is best, so every corner is visible and your eyes roam with ease.

Keep clutter and shadow to a minimum as they make rooms feel small. Mirrors have the opposite effect, increasing light and producing the illusion of added space. Place them to reflect natural light and open areas.

Smart Storage Solutions

Small spaces don’t always offer helpful storage, but you can stow items out of sight with smart solutions. Always choose multifunctional furniture when possible. A coffee table with an inbuilt shelf beneath it for magazines, for instance, is more useful than a basic table without extra storage capacity.

Hang items on walls and doors too. Anything from musical instruments to bicycles can become wall art when not in use. Hang storage racks on the back of cupboard doors as well for unsightly items like cleaning materials.

Also, be mindful not to cram items into small spaces creating an overstuffed appearance. Leave a 10% gap, for example, on each bookshelf and other storage surfaces on view.

Prudent paint selection

Dark colors make rooms seem smaller while light paint choices expand areas. Off-white shades of your favorite color on walls, the same paint with less white for wainscoting, and pure white ceilings will lighten rooms and provide a bright atmosphere. Add more color with soft furnishings like scatter cushions if you want to increase vibrancy and warmth.

Your home might be bijou, but it need not look poky. Create the impression of space with clever lighting. Smart paint selection and multifunctional furniture will also add an expansive feel.

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