Breakfast links: This affluent DC neighborhood is divided over barking dogs
Breakfast links This affluent DC neighborhood is divided over barking

A Chevy Chase dog park divides neighbors

It may have started with complaints about dogs barking, but the underlying tension surrounding a dog park in an affluent neighborhood in Chevy Chase is turning into a battle of class and residency.  (Jessica Contrera / Post)

This DC lottery subcontractor has no employees

Last month Greek company Intralot received a $215 million contract to bring sports gambling to DC and administer the lottery. But Veterans Services Corp., the local firm it hired to handle day-to-day operations in DC, doesn’t have any employees, according to city records.  (Steve Thompson / Post)

A new app will pay you not to drive

Commuter Connections launched a new app called incenTrip that rewards users with cash for taking transportation modes that reduce congestion and improve air quality. Individuals can potentially earn up to $600 a year.   (Jordan Pascale / WAMU)

DC’s local bookstores get political

The owners of Capitol Hill Books tweeted a sarcastic comment about Trump voters, and it went viral. But this isn’t the first time local bookstores have been at the center of a political firestorm.  (Elliot C. Williams / DCist)

One of DC’s most dangerous roads get safety upgrades

DDOT has installed new interim safety improvements for cyclists on Flordia Avenue NE from 3rd Street NE to West Virginia Avenue NE. The safety improvements come after fatal crashes claimed the lives of bike safety advocate David Salovesh earlier this year and a pedestrian Ruby Whitfield in 2013.  (Neal Augenstein / WTOP)

A new group emerges in favor of Governor Hogan’s highway project

A new group, Citizens4TrafficRelief, has formed in support of Governor Larry Hogan’s Beltway and I-70 expansion project (which would likely make traffic worse over the long run). The organization’s founder hopes to change the tide of policial opposition to the project.  (Dan Schere / Bethesda Beat)

Phoenix votes to save its light rail

Phoenix voters defeated the Koch brothers-supported Prop 105 that would have stopped light rail expansion. The vote was 62-38 in favor of expansion.  (David Baker / Azfamily)

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