The Inequality Myth – Anand Prithviraj

The Inequality Myth - Anand Prithviraj
The Inequality Myth Anand Prithviraj

Some examples used to describe this discrimination and tyrannical power of some over the other:

Firstly, the argument that the top 1% of the population is so evil and malevolent because they are hoarding the majority of the money by keeping the poor poor and discriminating against them is absolute garbage in it`s purest form. The inequality is not a problem. The problem is some have it worse than the others and what could be done to better their chances of rising from their current predicament.

The reason 1% of the population has more wealth than the rest of the world is that they are creating more value for people than anyone else. Let me use some examples here:

Jeff Bezos- Amazon

(Late) Steve Jobs- Apple

Elon Musk- Tesla, Hyperloop, SpaceX, The Boring Company.

Bill Gates- Microsoft

Richard Branson- The Virgin Group

Mark Cuban- Owner-Dallas Mavericks, AXS TV

The more value you provide to your customer, the more value they give to you in return.

In pure economics, the phenomena of the 1% happen to due to an economical concept called Pareto distribution based on Matthew 25:29 (Bible):

“For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

Secondly, the wage gap. Now interestingly enough, on the surface, it seems real. In 2019, the wage gap stands at 19.3%. So that`s about 80 cents to every dollar for a woman

But the multi-varied analysis shows that it doesn’t exist. The reason women make less than men is not due to sexism but due to different life choices that women make as they get older.

They do more part-time work, they quit or take maternity leave around their mid-thirties to start a family and have kids, they are less likely to go to stem fields, which is more scalable in terms of valuation and money.

It seems the idea these days isn`t to provide women with an option to work if they want to, the idea is to force every woman to join the workforce. Only then they hold some value in society. Wrong.

Stay at home women and mothers are the backbone of any culture, whether east or west. They are the ones responsible for the outlook of our kids. We ought to glorify them, celebrate them and make them feel like they are also valuable and that they contribute to this society by instilling their love and incouragement onto their children, the future.

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