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Shop Titans Money Strategies Robbie Smith

Shop Titans is a fun shop building RPG complete with heros, crafting items, going on quests, and making money while doing it. Shop titans has been out now since March 4, 2019. Here’s the trailer for the game:

I have been playing this game now for a few months and managed to become the guild master. Here’s a recent screenshot of my shop:

Most of my weapon stands at at least level 7, the counter is at level 8. I make about 4–8 Million gold a day depending on how much I can play each day. However. As I see it, there’s a game within the game.

Energy management

The game allows us several options to make money and if you play it the right way, you can make a lot of money fast. No I’m not talking about the market necessarily but it can help. Let me break it down a bit for you. Here’s some options:

Suggest (…) If you have the energy built up like I did in this screenshot it will cost a massive amount of energy depending on how valuable the item you want to exchange it for.

Discount. Sell the item for half price to gain that amount of energy plus the energy you would sell it for normally.

Surcharge. Double the price of the item at a cost of energy that varies in value.

Small Talk. Take a chance and gain or lose energy. I’ve found out that small talk has a greater chance of reducing your energy when you use this option. I don’t use it.

Sell. The amount of energy you gain here is determined by your Counter level. This is probably the single most important item in your shop you want to upgrade above all else.

NOTE: Prestige currently does not have any affect on your shop, or the amount of customers in your shop, or the frequency at which your customers arrive. It is merely something to compete against.


The IDEAL breakdown of your inventory a constant balancing act. You want this scenario to happen naturally:1 big double enchanted item that you will surcharge for lots of gold vs X number of smaller items that exist for the sole purpose of selling for discount energy (so that you can surcharge the 1 (or 2) big one). Everything else in this photo I will sell for discount energy except for that necklace. Perhaps its better to show you this ratio breakdown:

Moving the needle

This leads me to explain the heart of how to make money fast. What items can you sell off quickly in order to make big bucks off of the high value items? For these little things, I turn to the market because it’s just way faster to buy Tier 2 and 3 of everything as long as it’s normal, un-enchanted and they’re usually cheap rather than crafting them. The only exception is if I need to craft something for blueprints or ascension scrolls.

You can craft or buy the 1 big item and craft the 2 different enchantments on your own . People will overcharge the enhancements so I just make those. I will typically buy the Tier 7 items if it makes sense financially.

Making the big bucks

After I’m done discounting all the junk to fill up my energy I do this over and over again:

In this example. I bought this Magical Timepiece from the market valued at 115,000. The gold price is 166,600 at the current sellers price. I know this will be a great deal. Keep going…

So I bought it. Then proceeded to give it a Level 2 elemental enchantment that I made. This will add 105,000. The new base value is now 220,000. Even if I sell it right now, I made profit. But we’re not finished yet.

Then, I gave it a Rhino Level 2 Spirit Enhancement that I also just made:

Now the value is bigger still:

Then because I just sold a bunch of cheap crap to fill up my energy fast, I surcharged it:

(Yes I know there’s a different element here but you get the idea. I had already done this before and this was a different sale.)


Purchase Price: 166,600

Final Sale Price: 660,000

Profit: $493,400

The frequency, volume of sales, and the quests you can go on, the hero’s you have, ability to craft multiple things at once, will determine how often you can do this. But if your inventory is all full up, you can literally make millions in minutes.

Bottom line

Sell lots of crap for discount energy so you can surcharge the big stuff often.

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