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The last decade has seen major innovations in the technology sector, and one of the areas that is receiving much attention is the blockchain space. The first-ever application of this technology was in the cryptocurrency space and specifically Bitcoin. At the moment, Blockchain is penetrating many sectors such as real estate, banking, finance, insurance, governance, and voting, to mention a few.

Some people are even comparing this phase with what happened in 1994 during the Internet Revolution. Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, and this explains why people are working so hard to incorporate blockchain in this space. Research conducted in 2016 by Fortune, an investment company based in London estimated the global real estate value at $217 trillion. 75% of this constituted residential property.

Going by the tagline ‘Real Estate Tokenization Expert,’ UPRETS is one of the global leaders in tokenization of real estate assets. UPRETS is a subsidiary of Xinyuan Group, a real estate company which is NYSE: XIN listed. Some of the challenges that UPRETS identifies and seeks to offer solutions in the real estate sector at the moment include; the low flow of information, lots of paperwork, tiresome verification process, involvement of many intermediaries and liquidity issues.

  • You can now take advantage of fractionalization, which makes real-estate more affordable. You do not need to have thousands of dollars at your disposal to own a property. You can buy security tokens and become a partial owner.
  • Increased transparency. You may have heard of cases where many people fall for scams and lay claim over the same property unknowingly. UPRETS eliminates doubts in real estate by creating a transparent platform where you can verify transactions and ownership of the property before you invest.
  • Investment management. The reason why many people fail to invest overseas is the management nightmare. UPRETS provides a secure platform where you can manage your investments with ease and convenience.
  • Make the properties more liquid. You may have a multimillion property, but getting a single entity to purchase it as a whole is a problem. In other times, you may want to sell a fraction of your property. Tokenization makes it easy to attract many investors as the property becomes affordable.
  • Blockchain technology. UPRETS is one of the most matured blockchain firms in China; ranked 3rd after China Central Bank and Alibaba Group based on the patent count. You are thus in safe hands because the group uses X-BOLT which it has been developing since 2015.
  • Distribution, management, and administration made easy. The platform provides a one-stop-shop for all these needs. You do not need different parties to do this because the platform has all the solutions you need.

Asia is one of those regions that you cannot ignore when it comes to technology and innovation. TechXLR8 Asia is a major tech show, and this year it will cover six topics; 5G Asia, the AI Summit, IoT World Asia, Startup Elevate, NV & SDN and Invest:Asia.

Coindesk partnered with TechXLR8 Asia to make Invest:Asia a reality in 2018 and is doing the same in 2019. Invest:Asia recorded more than 3000 attendees in its inaugural year and about 80 sponsors spread from 75 countries.

This year’s event will happen on 11–12 September 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore.

The main topics that speakers will explore include the relationship between blockchain technology, connected innovations, and crypto-assets.

  • There is a lot that you can learn from industry leaders. CEO of Binance, Founder of Elixxir and the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Head of Technology Infrastructure, were among the keynote speakers in last year’s event.
  • Explore a dynamic expo floor. TechXLR8 Asia will cover six tech topics, and you can thus learn a lot from interconnected technologies. It is a rare chance to interact with other players with possibilities of forging partnerships.

UPRETS understands that success in business needs collaboration. They will utilize this chance to interact with various players and also learn and exchange ideas with some of the best. It is also a great opportunity to learn from exhibitors in areas such as AI and IoT, which are very crucial in the development of smart homes.

Visit the booth of UPRETS(CB97) in order to experience the real estate tokenization demo. Its team will diligently walk you through the process to open your mind in this new era of the real estate industry.

2019 started with a bang as STOCOOP was launched in January 24th, 2019 during the 2019 Seoul Blockchain Convergency Summit. STOCOOP is simply an international cooperative organization for Security Token Offerings. The summit was hosted by Chainers, which is a Korean investment institution and MTN, a renowned Korean media group. Some of the founding members of STOCOOP include; OpenFinance, The Cabin Capital, GSX Group, and Vision Creator. The founding members were from diverse backgrounds such as USA, China, UK, and Canada. STOCOOP brings together various players such as exchanges, law firms, compliance offering platforms, asset management platforms, scholars and leaders in the security market

The cooperative is the first non-governmental, multilateral organization that focuses on the development of security tokens. The digital security sector is still in its early stages of development. Regulatory mechanisms thus vary from one country to the other, which thus creates uncertainty in this field. Liquidity issues will always be present unless there is multilateral cooperation and that is one of the aims of STOCOOP.

David Wang, who is the Executive Director of the GSX Group was quoted saying that STOCOOP makes it possible to shape the influence of the global finance industry, adoption of security tokens and the technology that drives them. The Founder of Cabin Capital, Huang Hai Guang also spoke during the launch and stated that the platform would provide communication, business collaboration and education for security token industry.

The goals of STOCOOP are in line with what UPRETS stands for. The security tokens industry has had challenges when setting up standards that various players should uphold. STOCOOP aims at integrating resources and help in setting up universal standards that will make the security industry better.

In the Asia Tour: Shanghai, Kang Wang, CEO of Xinyuan Tech,Nil Larom, UPRETS MD of Global Business and Ran Wei, Xinyuan Tech CMO will attend the event.

Watch out for Xinyuan Tech CMO, Ran Wei, as she sits at the panel discussion to talk about Tokenizing Traditional Assets and Fundraising in the Global Market. She will be seated side-by-side with fellow guests from Fenbushi Capital, BN Capital, DoraHacks, among others.

About UPRETS: UPRETS is a one-stop solution platform for security token offering founded in November 2018. As a subsidiary of a publicly listed real estate conglomerate (NYSE: XIN), we currently focus on providing a cost-efficient, compliant and advanced tokenized real estate investment platform for property developers and investors globally by our patented blockchain technology.

Using this platform from UPRETS, the developers can provide liquidity for their property investors and the investors can benefit from the rent dividends and returns of properties in world-class major cities, such as New York, London and Dubai.

About X-BOLT Consortium Chain by UPRETS: UPRETS.io started to develop its own consortium chain technology X-BOLT dated back in 2015. As one of the most matured blockchain firms in China, our consortium chain solution has already established 22 successful cases in multiple fields including insurance, real estate, logistics, and social networks. Following the Chinese Central Bank and Alibaba Group, we are ranked as the 3rd most advanced blockchain institution in the Chinese blockchain industry, by patent count. UPRETS is among the first five companies that were certified by the Chinese government as the officially authorized blockchain service provider.

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