A side view of a mint green cabin on stilts. Glass doors open to reveal all pale wood interiors. Evergreen trees surround a lake in the background.
Modern Swedish cabin is picture perfect in mint green

Could it be time for charred timber and concrete to give way to a new trend? If we have any say, we’d nominate this pale green color, which coats this cozy summer house in Sweden.

Designed by Bornstein Lyckefors, the facade of the gabled cabin looks like it was painted with a pint of mint ice cream. The roof, made with an oxidized copper, blends right in, creating a monochromatic look.

“We wanted to give the new building its own character,” studio co-founder Andreas Lyckefors told Dezeen. “Given the rich green gradient of the site, we wanted the house to blend in naturally with the colors of nature.”

Carl Axel Bejre

Pale wood interior of house shows a wooden chair in the distance.
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Carl Axel Bejre

During the summers, the northern Swedish island of Kallaxön is bright for nearly 24 hours a day, which means the windows that wrap the house are put to good use. Inside, the house is clad entirely in pale timber.

The main living spaces are downstairs, while a lofted bedroom is accessed by a ladder. Residents access the toilet and shower from the outside—a true testament to indoor-outdoor living.

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