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Leverage Sold Matt Cronin

A client asked me why we are the best for the job of selling his house.

This was a guy who had listed his house with his realtor neighbor and had failed to sell.

This was a great home. It had great bones. It looked out on a great public golf course.

The neighbor realtor had put up 9 photos on Zillow and waited for a buyer to come knocking.

I’m sure he has done well in his career because obviously his neighbor knew what he did for a living.

But my answer to the question was the answer he was looking for.

Before the heart of my answer I recommended that he have at least 20 pictures and a video walk through on his Zillow account before he markets his home again.

That criteria is what it takes for the Zillow algorithm to guarantee his listing be in the top three of search results.

But my real answer to his, “Why are you right for the job,” question was that I can leverage marketing technology that his 65 year old realtor friend cannot.

The value of a brokerage now a days lays in it’s data base.

The ability a realtor has to intelligently reach out to a subset of his brokerages data base is key nowadays.

He hadn’t heard of EXIT Realty before.

We are a Canadian based company and not many people in his area list with us.

But the amount of people we can reach just by posting his home on our servers is much more valuable than his realtors word of mouth marketing plan.

We do word of mouth, paper fliers, and open houses as well.

But we do all of that and create a web of smart connections.

We use a web of smart connections that leverage the internet and a large, growing database.

That’s why we are right for the job.

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