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Manifest money this hours Very Secret Tips Taught

So I’m going to show you an extremely powerful technique that you can use to actually attract something and then it comes to you in the most unexpected way like you can Manifest money in 24 hours after reading this article.

Now I know money is one of those things that a lot of people are lacking and the big problem is the more you lack in money and the more you want to attract money these two things are in conflict because you have a need to attract and law of attraction doesn’t work very well when you have a need to attract so that’s why I want to give you a tip here and I also want to give you a challenge here that you can try and attempt here.

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it’s very powerful and it will allow you to attract money and this is unexpected money you don’t even know where it’s gonna come from but it will happen within the next 24 hours.

So there’s a few things we need to understand before we even get into the money manifestation.

The foundation of the technique is to understand that we cannot be attached to the outcome so if you want to go for this right now within the next 24 hours you want to see this magic happen.

We need to be totally detached from outcome and the best way to do it is take a deep breath in now and out and to say and feel the words I’m just about to tell you here.

So we look up and we say universe I don’t know what will happen in the next 24 hours and I have no attachment to what will happen in the 24 hours, work your magic as it should be and I will just be open to receive whatever comes into my life.

You have to feel it you can’t fake it you have to feel it and take a deep breath in and out okay that’s the first thing get yourself in the mode of detaching from outcome.

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Not thinking when’s it happening when is it happening right.

Now the second thing to be aware of is do not be looking around every single moment of every day and saying where’s the money where’s the money is it on the floor is it here is it there that is attachment so do not look for it and your best way to not look for it because the problem is this the problem is when I say don’t focus on the purple elephant you’ll be focused on the purple elephant right?

You’re thinking about now so we don’t think not to think about it instead what we need to be doing is we need to be focusing in every single moment throughout the day.

let’s say for example you’re with your loved ones then focus with time with them if you’re driving focus on the road if you are working focus on the task at hand but do not think about the money.

So right before what I did was I set the foundations for you so there’s two main steps number one we need to understand that we give that vibration out to the universe saying we have no attachment that’s one of the foundations because we can’t have attachment to it the second thing is that we know that every single moment of every single day we’re just of that day.

sorry we’re just gonna focus purely on every moment instead of focusing on where’s my money where’s my money where’s my money…

So base that put that as a base foundation okay of this attraction method now what you want to do..

First thing you want to do is this, you want to think you want to see you want to feel in that sequence okay so the first thought is think about money arriving whether you see it in your bank account or whether you see physical money or whether you see money on the floor, okay.

You think of that first so everything starts from thought.

The second thing is you must visually see it so see it happen and close your eyes and see it okay if you close your eyes why we always say close our eyes when we meditate close our eyes when we visualize is because then we don’t get the distractions of everything else around us.

So close eyes and then we see it happening in front of us that visualization, the thing we’re attracting and then I think we’re in the middle of roadless look quite dangerous.

Then the third thing is feel because I always say this emotions is energy in motion right. So always think of it like this the moment you bring emotions into a meaning when I receive it what will I feel now imagine and feel it feel how happy you would be, feel how grateful you will be.

I would say emotions energy emotion meaning that it’s almost like they’re setting the intention is almost like writing your intention on a piece of paper adding emotions is almost like sending it by a DHL to the universe you know.

It’s like kind of though that the parcel boy you know so the more emotions you apply to it like the more feeling you can feel for it the faster your prayers will be received by the universe and then they will give you what you asked for.

Now bear in mind these are the steps now we go back to the foundation so those were the steps to set it now we need to forget it.

Now there’s one thing missing here because we want to do this within the 24 hours so we need to see it as if it’s already happened in the 24 hours so one good thing you can do is actually to put some time reference in meaning that in your realization you must be able to look at your watch look at a clock and then be able to see that.

OMG! It’s really happened in just 24 hours this is crazy and feel as if it’s happening right now not in future tense as if it’s happening right now.

The final little tweak

Alright this is a real beautiful tweak is that you can add an additional technique an additional method into it to actually make it even more powerful and that is right in the Bible.

What they call So So and you shall reap and what does that mean it means maybe go out there give some money away okay now you can’t be afraid to do this you can’t be like oh by really lacking money right now how can I give money away?

Right in when you are most lack of money and you are still able to give money away without fear though you have to do this with the right frequency otherwise it won’t work.

So it means that you have to give it away with entire trust to the universe that you no money or bigger money will come your way and so whether you find somebody on the street to give money to you whether you find somebody who needs help to give it to that could be one way, a second additional way to that is that you can help somebody else make some money within the next 24 hours.

So as soon as you can think about who can you help make some sales who can you help make some money who can you help find some money and if you help somebody else get the money it shows your detachment to money it also says to the universe right then you understand that it’s a not a scarcity mindset but it’s an abundance world out there and the moment you put those type of vibrations out there you attract the vibrations that you are as simple as that.

So all I say is go out there give it a try you know and once you get that thing for those of you who are in perfect alignment and with those vibrations understand that every single point.

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You need to be precise to do this is about absolute alignment right, once you get any sort of results whether it be one dollar whether it be five dollar whether it be five thousand dollars.

This way you can manifest money in 24 hrs.

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