Writers can have a maximum of — How to

This platform is like an old boyfriend who senses you’re about to walk away so he takes you out for a fancy date

Right at the moment I was deciding to give up on Medium, I was pleasantly surprised by my earnings numbers. Seriously, I was all about making money via Quora’s Partner Program — and saying, “F yo MPP!”

This account you’re reading now earned $17.89 over the most recent weekly pay period. My other pen name account earned $20.84 during the same period, even though I didn’t really publish much over there.

It’s the cumulative effect that everyone speaks of. For example, one curated article earned $3.35 its first week and $9.31 during the second. Another good curated piece only brought in $0.40 its first week but just pulled in $6.69 during the second week, without me changing anything. No wonder folks who’ve been in the Medium Partner Program for months or years make thousands per month.

Another story made $0.00 its first week but $5.72 the second week. Some dropped from around 2 bucks to $1.60 while some made pennies or nothing. It’s a crap shoot.

So those numbers are looking a lot better than the pennies next to certain Medium articles that took me hours and hours to compose.

It gives me something to look forward to in terms of the earning potential. If I could turn 39 bucks into 390 bucks each week, that $1,600 could go a long way towards paying monthly bills and getting rid of debt.

Perhaps it really is a long game like the other writers say. Maybe Medium read all the feedback about the earnings apocalypse and wanted to give us writers more of our fair share. I don’t know. But I thank God for it.

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