Summer spending overload? Find out how to make some savings

Summer spending overload Find out how to make some savings

The Summer BBQ’s and heat waves are starting to feel like a distant memory as the warmer duvets go on and jackets are required for cooler mornings.

As the season of Summer fun comes to a close it can also be a time for new beginnings, the new school year is starting, there’s new fashions in store and there’s lots of new TV shows to get stuck into.

It’s also a great time to start saving money. You might have spent a bit more than planned over the Summer on wonderful holidays and fun days out or you want to start preparing for the inevitable Christmas season (I know, I’m really sorry to mention it in Sep!).

Here’s some ideas on how you can make some savings to kick off the Autumn season!

  1. Sell, sell ,sell — clear out the cupboards. There’s plenty of online tools that can help you sell your never used coffee machines and trouser presses. And, if you find you have a lot of stuff to sell you could head along to a boot sale.
  2. Switch your energy supplier. With WonderBill you could make savings of £319* Just connect your energy supplier to WonderBill and use our free and easy switching service.

3. Food budgeting. Do you make a list before you go to the supermarket? By planning your meals and making a list of the food you need you’ll stop yourself buying items that you don’t need — saving both money and food waste.

4. Are you paying for a gym membership that you never use? If you are unsure whether or not you’ll be going, cancel it. You can always rejoin at a later date. Do the same to your other subscriptions as well — are you using all the music and TV subscriptions that you pay for?

5. Check your mobile contract. If your contract has expired but your handset is in good order you could look at getting a SIM only contract and save the cost of the handset. WonderBill can help you with this — link your mobile bill and let us find the best deals for you.

6. You can keep track of all your bills and expenses with WonderBill and easily see where you can make savings.

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