Lockbox Manufacturer Partners With Real Estate Brokerages, Agents

Lockbox Manufacturer Partners With Real Estate Brokerages, Agents
Lockbox Manufacturer Partners With Real Estate Brokerages Agents

VaultLOCKS, the electronic and mechanical lockbox manufacturing division of MFS Supply, has announced the integration of its electronic lockbox, eLockbox, with Schedulock, a provider in showing management systems for real estate brokerages and their agents in the Greater Toronto Area. 

This integration between an electronic lockbox and scheduling platform is the first in the Greater Toronto Area and will increase security and streamline showings for real estate brokerages and agents.  VaultLOCKS has been serving the North American market since 2006.

“While MFS Supply has been doing business in Canada since 2010, we are pleased to partner with Schedulock to bring an electronic lockbox into the Canadian market to provide real estate brokerages with a comprehensive showing system that provides enhanced security enabled by our eLockbox,” said Jay Klein, General Manager of MFS Supply.  “VaultLOCKS supports integration with external software platforms through an easy-to-configure API, and provides secure, remote property access by distributing a unique, time-based access code every hour so that only those who are permitted to gain access, have access at a specified date and time. The eLockbox has one of the most robust, unique code offerings in the industry allowing for a variety of customization for property access control.” 

“Smart lockboxes have been a discussion in the GTA for years, but there had always been adoption and administration issues,” said Alex Poon, Co-founder and CEO of Schedulock.  “We are very excited to introduce a completely streamlined and secure showing process through the Schedulock showing management platform and Vaultlocks eLockbox.”

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