Year Over Year Home Sales Rise • Tallahassee Real Estate

Year Over Year Home Sales Rise • Tallahassee Real Estate
Year Over Year Home Sales Rise • Tallahassee Real Estate

Not So Fast My Friend

While a 3% decline in the housing market is no minor (or major) thing, there is actually more to the story than one observes merely by looking at the raw numbers. The 3% decline, as of today, represents 93 fewer homes sold from January through August of this year versus January of August through last year.

What the raw numbers don’t show is that more than 1/2 of that decline can be explained by one sale.

Last year my company sold a 56-unit condo complex to a single buyer, but since all units had their own tax identification number, it was recorded as 56 individual sales (not one large complex).

If you modify that sale to be a single transaction (as opposed to 56 transactions), then 2019 only trails 2018 by a whopping total of 37 homes, which is just over 1%. If you factor this into the mix then we cannot rule out 2019 out-performing 2018 by year’s end!

Need Something More?

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