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I Paid Off Last Year’s Taxes Today Three Minute Reads

I’m still busier than ever.

Photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash

I’ve been freelancing for about ten years now. I even wrote an article a while back, about how this came to pass and what it’s been like:

My client list keeps growing — from referrals, from cold contacts (a few even from that article!). It’s awesome…but there are only so many hours in the day, and I’m working as many of them as I can.

(And writing novels, but that’s another story.)

Until recently, it was rare that I had to turn potential new clients away. I could almost always fit them in somewhere. But it’s happening more and more often these days. I’ve got a list of folks I refer work to; I fear I’m overwhelming them.

“Raise your rates,” my freelancer friends said. “You’re too affordable.”

“Raise your rates,” the internet said. “You’re charging far too little for what you do.”

“Raise your rates,” my husband said. My artist husband, who has no business sense whatsoever (and he will be the first to admit that) — even he thinks I charge too little.

All these authorities must be right…right? And it was true, that we were not exactly rich — even, in fact, struggling, no matter how hard I worked, as everything is always more expensive than you expect it will be, and there’s always another surprise $1,000 emergency-new-computer or $2,000 deck rebuild or $5,000 medical expense knocking at the door.

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