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What Is Real Estate Fraud?

Fraud is a part of real estate conveyancing system, Fraud is like selling the same property with multiple persons and collecting the proceeds from each party and letting them fight out. These types of activities resulted in the advent of title insurance and which can be sorted out by real estate attorney. It can happen in different ways and involve various parties and sometimes ends in a class-action trial when there are many people affected.

What Are Some Common Types of Real Estate Fraud?

There are many types of real estate fraud. Some of these are:

Foreclosure fraud: When the house is wrongly foreclosed on, directing the homeowner to think that they lost the title of their home and results in them moving out of their residence.

Title fraud: Happens when someone obtains the title of your assets. usually through stealing your identification to change ownership on your property title from your name to theirs.

Mortgage fraud: It can be committed by individuals who intend to occupy a property as a primary residence or by groups of investors who defraud via rental properties during flipping homes

Short sale fraud: A short sale occurs when the property is sold to satisfy the mortgage on the property, but the profit from a property sale is less than the debt owed short sale fraud involves using misleading information to either induce property owners to conduct a short sale

Real estate frauds are severe issues and you can face huge losses. That’s why it’s always more useful to take the advice from a real estate attorney if you are facing any problems during real estate transactions.

It is always a great way of Hiring a Real Estate attorney to help you with buying and selling real estate or any kind of real estate transactions.

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