Quit Telling Me to Skip the Starbucks – The Post-Grad Survival Guide

Mary "Pepper" O
Quit Telling Me to Skip the Starbucks The Post Grad

And other financial advice post-grads get that is simply out of touch

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The Advice We Get

I have not set foot in a Starbucks in months, and it has nothing to do with any inability to appreciate a good caramel frappuccino when the mood strikes me.

(I love a good frothy, sugary, caffeinated concoction.)

I stopped going when my gift card from Christmas ran dry. Because, let’s be serious, that’s the only way I ever pay for specialty coffee drinks.

And yet…

Every money article, every “do this, don’t do that”, every “cheer up, 20-somethings — you, too, can be financially stable!” advice piece tells me the same thing. I’ve read dozens of these in my ongoing quest to keep my head above water, and every last one of them recommends I stop buying coffee from the local cafe every morning.

And every time I read this, I roll my eyes.

I know where and when to get the Buy One, Get Two Free Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee grinds, and I know that once a tin of it is empty, I can easily give it a touch of paint to transform it into a crafty container for everything from sidewalk chalk to cookies to spare stacks of Post-It notes.

I’ve learned to get crafty with all kinds of things in the interest of not having to spend money on the “real version”.

So when I read the mathematical breakdown of how much money I could be “saving” and it explains how great it would be to have an “extra” $150 to $200 in my pocket every month, I can’t help but feel just a little indignant.

No, guy. If I want another $200 per month, I’m walking dogs for neighbors or I’m picking up an extra freelance project.

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