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Reasons to Rent a Shipping Container Ben Wright

Shipping containers are quickly becoming a popular choice for home and office building, but have you ever thought about renting a container for your office, home, or even just storage? There are so many uses for shipping containers, from yard storage to offices, and even mobile office renting!

So why are so many people beginning to turn to shipping containers as offices and storage opportunities? Some reasons may be obvious, but check out some solid reasons to rent a storage container below.

Wind and Water-Tight Storage

One of the biggest reasons to consider using a shipping container for storage or office space is because of its wind and water tight storage. Shipping containers are sealed to eliminate the elements completely, which is why they are the main way to ship goods overseas. Shipping containers can withstand heavy wind and stormy waters like very few other containers.

When renting a shipping container, you are secure knowing that no storms, flooding, or crazy winds will destroy your property inside or your place of business!


Shipping containers are also extremely economical. Because there is an abundance of shipping containers around the world, many sit in shipping lots unused. They are just waiting for a chance to become your storage space! Basic economics tells us that the more supply there is of a good versus the need or demand of that good means that cost of goods decreases.

This is the case with shipping containers. There are so many around the world in shipping lots not being used. The amount of people currently purchasing them is still low enough that the cost of the shipping containers is still extremely reasonable and affordable. For renting purposes, this is definitely the case.

You can contact any shipping container provider for pricing and be shocked at how low the cost is to rent one of their containers. Most container companies rent out theirs for anywhere from $50–500 per month depending on size and use. Keep in mind this does not include the delivery fee, which is usually an extra charge of $100–500.

Various Sizes Available

Shipping containers come in different sizes. The storage containers generally range from 10 foot storage units to 53 feet. Obviously, the larger the container the more space and ability to store. For shipping containers meant for office space, you will usually find 20–40 foot containers.

These containers are usually insulated, contain windows, and are equipped for electricity and air conditioning. Mobile office containers are also available for renting. They will be fully equipped with electricity and insulation as well.

Depending on your specific needs, it helps to have many options of sizes to choose from when it comes to renting. If you just need some space to store your yard tools, you will only need a 10 foot container. But if you are looking to take your office on the road, you will want to opt for something that can be towed by your vehicle. Any container provider will be able to work with you to determine the best option for your needs.


Another great reason to consider renting a shipping container is the security. Besides the fact that the container is welded shut all the way around except the doors, shipping containers are also extremely heavy. An unsightly person would not easily be able to move it without proper equipment. It would also be very difficult to break into a container, especially when the necessary measures are taken to keep it secure. For example, using a steel box to cover the locks of the container and using padlocks ensures that the shipping container remains break-in free.

Maintenance Free

If you are renting a shipping container, the maintenance on the unit would be the responsibility of the container company. Most maintenance required on a container in general includes keeping it free of rust and avoiding any heaviness gathering on the roof of the container. Keeping the hinges lubricated would also be something to watch. But as a renter, you would not be responsible for the maintenance of the shipping container.

Recycling shipping containers for other uses is interesting and cost-effective. There are so many ways to use them. Because of their sturdy and secure nature, they are great as storage spaces, offices, and even homes. Renting them is an even more cost-effective way to store your personal property or afford your office space.

If you are interested in learning more about renting shipping containers, contact our friends at Container King today. We highly recommend them. And they can help you determine your exact need and what container would work best for you.

We also are happy to show you different buying opportunities for shipping containers if you are in the market to purchase one. Requesting a quote is easy with the Container King. We are proud to serve our customers with all their shipping container needs!

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